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Thinking about some of the great bands I have featured before my mind wandered on to the warm, beautiful voice of Petra de Winter and her wonderful band Chabliz. So I set out to see what they had been up to.
Earlier this month they dropped their latest release “Straight Stories”. It’s been a few years in the making, but masterpieces take time. They recorded and produced this album themselves, a pretty heavy load I would have to guess.
As I mentioned the album is called “Straight Stories” and you need it in your collection.

Chabliz are the popnoir / gothicjazz band from the Netherlands, featuring the awesome voice of Petra de Winter, Pim van Riezen (piano) & Marcel Peters (acoustic double bass).

So, we’re all caught up right?  So let’s get to the music, the wonderful dark delicious sound that is Chabliz.

Here is the awesome title track from their previous album performed live @ de Regentenkamer, The Hague, during the album release show of the new “Straight Stories” album (2017):

“Nightporter” written by Petra de Winter and Marcel Peters. They wrote the song after watching Liliane Cavani’s movie “The Nightporter.”
“We apologize for the bad sound quality of this live video. For the bathroom/ swimming pool sound of it. Some of our fans abroad were waiting to watch a live video of our album release concert, so here it is. Hopefully it will give an impression anyway, despite the bad sound quality of this live video.” Chabliz


From the new album an amazing live version of the Michael Jackson song, a version like you have never heard before. This is totally unique, and beautiful in it’s dark grandeur. Throw in a touch of Bach, some opera and punk rock and you have the Chabliz concoction, awesome.
Billie Jean

Recorded & filmed by RikJanssen  & Eline van Hooff at June 12, 2016.


As I mentioned above it has taken a few years to bring this album, this masterpiece to fruition. In the meantime they were performing these songs here, there and everywhere. Honing the style and the arrangements. This is from a couple of years ago a very unique presentation (with a very cute angel) of track seven from the album.
Imitating Angels

Written by The Nymphs(Inger)
Little angel : Naomi Peters
Regie, camera, montage – Riske de Vries
Directed by Riske de Vries
Light & assist – Caroline Keman, Paula Vonhof, Marieke Huisman Visagie – Esther Phaff
Color grading – Tess van Schie.
Song production and mixing: Pim van Riezen and Petra de Winter
Song arrangement : Chabliz
Song mastering: Pim van Riezen, Arizona mastering, Petra de Winter.
Song recording: Pim van Riezen and Ap de Ree


Well you knew I wouldn’t let you go without a chance to listen to the album. But do yourself a favor and get your own copy, the song “Poppies in Flanders Fields” alone is worth the price of the album. I’m so glad they included it on the album.  A beautiful tribute to those that gave all.

Straight Stories



And we’re back.

The blog has been quite for a while, I was indisposed elsewhere. Hopefully I can now get back to a more regular series of updates.

OK, so when I was searching for something else I came across this awesome duo. If you are a regular you will know my penchant for stringed instruments, in particular guitars, cellos and violins. So here we go two out of three ain’t bad.
Then take another penchant of mine, classical / rock crossover.

So meet MOZART HEROES, Chris Krebs (Violoncello) and Phil Seeholzer (guitar) and they hail from Lucerne, Switzerland. And they play like the devil is on their ass. This is some amazing kick ass rock n roll.

Now this is the first track that put me in their realm. An awesome blending o

f Mozart and Metallica. I love the way that this track starts of in such a genteel manner, albeit a tad faster than one would expect. And then the fury erupts.
Kick back and enjoy.
Mozart – Metallica (Symphony No. 40 – Enter Sandman)

Arrangements: MOZART HEROES
Director: Peter “Jackson” Arnold
Artists: Chris & Phil, MOZART HEROES
Executive producer: Augenblickmedia GmbH
– Symphony No. 40 written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
– Enter Sandman written by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich & Kirk Hammett


You start of with a beautiful arrangement of La Catedral, and then of course you get Thunderstruck. The AC/DC piece has long been a favorite, and was even more so when friends of ours got married and the grooms 85 year old father escorted the bride down the isle to the sound of Thunderstruck. Awesome event, as is this video.
Barrios – AC/DC (Thunderstruck)

Arrangements: MOZART HEROES
Director: Kim Sokola + Simon Bolzern
Artists: Chris & Phil, MOZART HEROES
This is a arrangement by MOZART HEROES playing:
– Augustin Barrios, La Catedral
– AC/DC, Thunderstruck written by Angus and Malcom Young


The biggest problem as I wonder through their repertoire is what to include and what to leave out. I couldn’t leave this out being a big James Bond fan as well as a huge fan of Adele. This is a bit more gentle.
James Bond Medley

Arrangements: MOZART HEROES
Mixing: Ralph Zünd @ 2INCH RECORDS.COM
Mastering: Dan Suter @ ECHOCHAMBER.CH
Artists: Chris & Phil, MOZART HEROES
Executive producer: SOUNDCATERING GmbH

– Skyfall written by Adele & Paul Epworth
– Diamonds are Forever written by John Barry
– The World is not enough written by David Arnold & Don Black
– Dr. No Main Theme written by Monty Norman


I’m a sucker for everything “Game of Thrones”, especially the theme tune. I sit through it for every episode even though it is on DVR and I could fast forward to the action. This is an awesome mesh of Suite No 1, G Major and the main theme from GOT. Got it? Enjoy it.
Game of Thrones – Bach

Arrangements: MOZART HEROES
Director: Silvan Bucher, syn
Artists: Chris & Phil, MOZART HEROES
Dancers: Emma Skyllbäck, Maurice Klemm
Fire Artist: Joseph Stenz
Filmed at castle Attinghausen, Switzerland

– Suite No 1, G Major by Johann Sebastian Bach
– Main Theme “Game of Thrones” written by Ramin Djawadi

We’ll have to make this the last of the day. And what a gem, a straight up rendering of Vivaldi, and i love me some Vivaldi. This is from a live appearance in the Stadtkeller, Lucerne (CH). And what an awesome way to leave them.
Vivaldi – Four Seasons (Presto) Summer Storm

Arrangements: MOZART HEROES
Director: Till Gmür,
Artists: Chris & Phil, MOZART HEROES
Assistent: Andreas Bossard

– Written by: Antonio Vivaldi, Four Seasons, Presto Summer


Signe Eide

? MoonaPhotography

You have to remember Signe Eide from my post late last year, she’s the Norwegian songbird who thrilled us all with her songwriting and her vocals. It was she who introduced us to the Nordic Pop Noir style.

She is certainly getting around lately, recently she appeared at SXSW and this Thursday she is going to be at the Piknik i Parken 2017 at the wonderful Frognerparken and Vigeland-musset in Oslo. I loved that park, when I used to live there it was a favorite spot.

Meantime I have been keeping an eye open for any new releases and lucky us I have found a new release.

SIgne Eide has just released her new single which I am currently enjoying to no end.
Signe tells me “This was recorded spontaneously in one day in Greenpoint, NYC after returning from playing at SXSW festival.”
Signe is back in form, not that she ever wasn’t, as my favorite purveyor of Nordic Pop Noir and now with an added touch of Americana. Must be that SXSW rubbing off on her.

Release date 16.06.2017
Schnux Records
Producer: Shane O’Connell, Signe Eide
All instruments by Signe Eide & Shane O’Connell
Braund Studios, Greenpoint/Brooklyn, NYC 21.03.2017
Additional mix: BowLar Apartments by Bowitz/Larsen
Mastering: Martin Bowitz, Strype Audio.

And then, after further searching I found this gem, released about eight hours ago. A live performance, in Oslo, in a Sofar recording. They do a great job with their recordings of newer talent.
Signe in full power voice on this track at times, and yet still has time to include the amazing vibrato.  I am really enjoying this track, the title track from her most recent EP.

Filmed by: Richard Ashton
Edited by: Henrik Soeberg


On the previous post i featured a pre-release copy of this track, at the time I said “It is beautiful in its despair”, I think I’ll stick by that. It truly is beautiful.
This is a live version @ SubScene Oslo with Elice Sauge, Alice Lewin, Mathilde Degland & Torkel Skaug.
I am Fever

(c) 2015


Talking of that album, Simple / Heavy, you should really check it out and here is your chance.
Simple / Heavy