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Alice Francis

? Gregor Hohenberg

Back in 2013 I said: “Take the best of the 20’s music style and add an electro beat bundle it together in a beautiful and talented young lady and what do you have? You have Alice Francis.

Extrovert-Elegant. Nonconformist-Great. Stylewise-Selfassured. Seductive–Different. Less than a dozen ways out of potential thousands to describe Alice Francis’s voice – and yet they catch the essence of it. How to describe the artist, though, when her flexibility and versatility challenge comparison – and find no takers for the challenge?”

And you know what? Nothing has changed, Alice Francis is still beautiful and talented, and of course she has recorded some more great music.

So who want’s to hear her latest? Let’s go.

A tale of love and mystery. Alice’s voice as awesome and sexy as ever, and this video is quite a production. Not for the faint of heart. Loving it even though it is a slight move away from electro-swing.
Dear Love

Videoproduction: Urban Tree Media Berlin
Choreography/Performance: Brigitte Breternitz aka. Madame B
Set: Trüggelmann
Styling: Très Bonjour

? Pascal Bünning

This one is from a couple of years ago, and still very much in the electro swing mode. Very much the femme fatale with her gangster lovers.

? © Scheuregger

Gonna finish up with a live clip, this from her Russian tour late last year.
This is from the Petrojazz Festival in St Petersburg. Enjoy this delicious slice of pie.
Blackberry Pie


OK, so I lied. But you’ll like it. Here’s a chance to check out the different mixes on her
Dear Love Single EP


Mississippi Jones


As mentioned before on my old blog, links below, Mississippi Jones is a duo of Mississippi Jones and J@$. J@$ seems like a nice guy, but a bit retiring. They hail from the music hub of Seattle.

Well Mississippi Jones have a new album to be released September 6, 2016. And it sounds like a doozy, and you can listen to it right here. Then I expect you to follow the link and buy your own version. This album certainly stands up to the first, and maybe even surpasses it. Personally, I dig it. It’s a whole heaving heap of electronic proto-punk soul, and I mean that in the nicest way.

Continuum: II


This is the third track from that album, this was the initial version of the song from Mississippi. I think it cool to see the artistic progression a song goes through.
I also love the fact that you hear her voice in its purest form.


Something else to keep you going until you get that album.
This is a cute video, not sure what she has on her fingers.
This was their NPR Tiny Desk contest entry made with Google+ Hangout video. Definitely different, and totally cool.
Bring To Me


We’ll finish up with the fourth track from the album,  in its primeval version. Compare the two versions. Again I’m in love with both versions.
After the song Mississippi gives some background to the artistic evolution.
Away Away


As promised the links for Mississippi Jones on the old blog, as always please ignore the “Content Warning”. Nothing untoward there. One day Blogger will relieve me from this bloody warning.

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