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The Wicked Ravens

? Heidi Sharp Photography

The Wicked Ravens are purveyors of dirty marsh music, psych folk rock, a bit roots with a touch of Essex country blues. You’re welcome.

Let them tell you about themselves.
“We live in a small fishing village in north-east Essex, we had our first gig in the summer of 2015 as The Wicked Ravens but between the four of us we’ve lived all over the place, been in various bands,toured,played festivals,gigs,had radio play, music publishing contracts and supported some major artists.”

That small fishing village is Wivenhoe. (Not too far from Walton-on-the-Naze where I have vacationed frequently, not that you care.)

The Wicked Ravens are made up of:
Fiona Harmon – Guitars, Vox
Ophelia Mills – Violin
Nick Munt – Guitars
Stuart Armitage – Drums/Percussion

And I love their bio: If you like throw away pop and auto tuned drivel you probably wont like us.

OK, enough jawing, let’s get to the music.

Here we have The Wicked Ravens giving us “Something for the Weekend” live at the Art Sea Festival in Wivenhoe, Essex. This is a real rockin’ bluesy song, and the young lady singing has more than a touch of Janis. The title of the song just cracks me up, must have been my east London youth and the local barbers.
Something for the Weekend

words & music Harmon and Munt
copyright 2016

? Heidi Sharp Photography

Here’s another from the Art Sea Festival, I guess it was their closing track. Very evocative of some of the great seventies rock/blues bands. I’m thinking that the The Wicked Ravens could hold their own against most bands. It’s great to hear artists performing this style of music in this day, and doing it so well. Love that violin.
Happy Ending

Filmed by Matei Raducanu, Andreea Radu and Benjamin Williams.

For the last one today, we are still at the ArtSea Festival in Wivenhoe, but now in glorious color. Still not able to put my finger on who they remind me off, but they are just great being themselves without comparisons.
Country Song

Filmed by Matei Raducanu, Andreea Radu and Benjamin Williams.

? Heidi Sharp Photography

OK so I lied, it’s the in thing nowadays. But I couldn’t resist this little gem.
I’ll let them describe it.
“Mess around impro jam with a cello, never played one before so playing it like a bass..and basically just making up vocal lines for fun.”
Great fun and really down low cool.
Impro Cello jam

cello – nick munt
vox – fiona harmon

Still lying, but couldn’t leave you without a better taste of this great band. Check out their new album.
Again, their description.
“Dirty marsh music, psych folk rock a bit roots with a touch of Essex country blues.
Sometimes foot stomping, sometimes melancholy here’s 10 songs about village life the stories they tell the secrets they keep, these songs were recorded on 8trk in the singers dining room.”

In The Woods

Vaudeville Etiquette

? Charles Peterson

Vaudeville Etiquette are a Psych-Folk band from Seattle, WA. I don’t like pin-holing musicians but I would say they are also in the Alt Country crowd as well. They have some great tracks reminiscent of The Handsome Family,

Vaudeville Etiquette is:
Bradley Laina- guitar, vocals
Tayler Lynn- vocals, percussion
Matt Teske- pedal steel, mandolin
Robin Croen- bass
Bryce Gourley- drums

So, let’s get to the music.

This has to be the greatest entrance ever. And the tambourine survived.
And then the sweetest alt country sounds you ever heard. I just love this song. This is the song that introduced me to Vaudeville Etiquette, and I’m so glad I found it. This band is going to be on the playlist for a long time.
Devils Daughter

Vaudeville Etiquette takes to the water for a new version of Devils Daughter.

? Derecola.Photo

This is a little more recent, this is an awesome track from their most recent album “AURA VISTA MOTEL”. And I defy you to keep your feet from tapping. This track really rocks along. And you could go cross eyed and crazy with that Kaleidoscopic going on there. Love it.
Crosseyed Crazy

Directed by Bradley Laina
Kaleidoscopic graphics by Ken Meyering at


Damn Lovely is a perfect description of this young ladies voice. Just the sort of song to listen to on a long hot summers night. Did I just steal from Meatloaf? Nahhh. Just kick back and enjoy it.
Damn Lovely

(C) 2016 Vaudeville Etiquette

? Rich Zollner Photography

Here’s a great song from their first album, “Debutantes & Dealers”, the was filmed live at the Tractor Tavern, Seattle WA. Gives you a good idea of what an awesome night you would have if you attended one of their gigs.
They are one tight band and I just love Tayler’s voice.
Blood & Bone

Special thanks to the film crew, and lighting tech Sexy Levra!

? Lori Palmer Thompson

In the sometime tradition of this blog, here’s a great live version of the first song above. I told ya I loved this song. The same credits as the track above, from that hot night in the Tractor Tavern, Seattle WA.
Devil’s Daughter