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Coincidence Bizarre

It’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle surrounded by a mystery who or what this band is.

They are called Coincidence Bizarre, that’s all we know.

In reality each individual member of Coincidence Bizarre is known to the media in Los Angeles but no one is revealing their true identities

Little is known of this West Coast collective except they like their drinks unfiltered, their fortunes untold, their identities unknown and their music bizarre.

Individually, each have made a unique stamp in the heart of the pulsating media world of Los Angeles. But besides an obscure website full of cryptic gypsy slang, there is little physical evidence that they even exist, save for their undeniable influences in various veins of entertainment (which, of course, are being kept under wraps).

Coincidence Bizarre‘s debut tracks, Invisible Man / Shapeshifter (due out May 12th), is an A and B side, but is also a premonition of sorts, alluding to how their heart-opening presence will enter your ears and transform your mind.

So now I’ve got your interest you just have to listen to this track. Very hip, reminiscent of Godley and Creme in some ways, but very much of the now. Unusual but hypnotic, let me know if you enjoy it. Certainly a welcome addition to my playlist.
Invisible Man



And now for something totally different.
A truly unique, one of a kind band.
Welcome to the world of Dark Art Pop and post-apocalyptic gypsy punk that is Nostalghia.

Let’s meet Nostalghia. I watched/listened to one of their videos and I was blown away. I really love this band.
They are so different, and so amazing.

Meet the very talented Members:
Ciscandra Nostalghia – Vocals, piano, gee-tar, harp, autoharp, chakra bowl, strange sounds, arrangements.

Roy Gnan – Percussion, piano, accordion, glitch, strange sounds, arrangements.

Adele Stein – Cello (live).

The vulnerable-behind-the-veil, intimate and yet expansive sound of Nostalghia draws comparisons to artists ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Bjork, yet it is unique unto itself. Buzz is building around the performative artistry of this three-piece musical vision.

In 2013 they supported Gogol Bordello on tour, what a night that must have been. Wow! I would have loved to have seen that.

Ciscandra Nostalghia is California-born and world-based, but she has a very exotic background. During her formative years, the singer for Los Angeles’s self-described “postapocalyptic Gypsy-punk” trio Nostalghia bounced between various worlds, raised by a Persian mother, a Jamaican stepfather, an Irish-Russian father, and a Persian-German grandmother.

Selection from Straight, click the link to read the full article.

Keep a look out for their recent album “Chrysalis” it’s a keeper as well as being a mind blower.

This is the video that turned me on to Nostalghia.
The pain she was feeling, that unique voice, the simplicity of the piece. And yet it was so complex.
That ever-present piano. Just totally awesome.
Cool For Chaos

Directed by: John Albanis


A truly twisted beautiful piece, I love it.

I woke up undressed, by the side of your bed
The ghost of my love by your miswired head
Sunshiny milk swallowed down to my throat
I’m sorry to say, but you know I must go

And then we go from there, totally awesome and the video is just right for the piece.
Sunshiny Milk


We’re going with audio only here, but I would love to see them do this one live. This is a brilliant song, it takes you with it all the way. I guess it was used in “How To Get Away With Murder”, another TV show I have never watched.
If I had known the episode this song was on I might have watched it. This is a pervasive piece. Lovin’ the cello, always love the cello.
The End


Here’s  another awesome track, this was used on the John Wick Soundtrack. A true rocker. Lovin’ it man.
Put this one to the top of the playlist.
Who You Talkin’ To Man

“Who You Talkin’ To Man”- Lyric Video – John Wick Soundtrack
Music by Tyler Bates, Lyrics and Vocals by Ciscandra Nostalghi


Nostalghia performing “I Am Robot Hear Me Glitch” live on the main stage at the 2013 Corona Capital Festival in Mexico City. Nice to hear that the band performs live as well as they record. I truly tight group of musicians and her voice is just as amazing and quirky in person.
I Am Robot Hear Me Glitch


We’re gonna end with another live performance. This was at Metro Theatre in Sydney on 25 February 2014, exclusively on Moshcam. And what a wonderful piece of video, kudos’ to the camera guy who is not credited.

Stockholm Syndrome


Good grief, I thought I was done. Then I found this piece and could not resist adding it. A totally perfect blending of the video to the song by SafeAndTheGang, thanks man.

Once you see this you will understand why I had to include it.