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K.Flay has an amazing EP out called Crush Me.
You owe it to yourself to add it to your collection.

K. Flay is the nomme de geure of Kristine Meredith Flaherty, she is an alumna of Stanford University in California, where she graduated with degrees in psychology and sociology.

Flaherty herself describes her sound as “genre-defying”, and draws from lo-fi pop and hip hop influences with a strong indie component. This lack of genre lends itself well to touring and collaborating with diverse artists, but also led her to conflict within a major label.

But back to that amazing EP. You have to hear it.

So let’s get to it.

This is the first track on the EP, with a brilliant dramatic video. The unflinching drama of the backing drums emphasize K.Flay’s awesome vocals.
Blood in the Cut

Music video by K.Flay performing Blood In The Cut.
(C) 2016 Interscope Records (Night Street Records)


Also from the Crush Me EP, this one is not as dark as the first track. It lives up to the title and moves along a little dreamlike. I’m really diggin’ it.

? Koury Angelo Photography

Here’s an earlier song from her first album. Another cool video, some great beats and a sick song. Awesome.
Make Me Fade

directed by ben fee

? Koury Angelo Photography

This has to be one of her earliest tracks, very impressive. How have I missed out so long, this is one really talented young lady. She has to be huge in the not too distant future.
The Cops

shot & edited by: mariana blanco
dp by: ben miller


Just to keep you all happy, we’ll end with a brilliant live appearance on Audiotree. This should keep you enthralled for a while.




Meet Nuuxs a young lady with a very powerful voice, plus some really hot songwriting skills.
Nuuxs is a French born singer songwriter who grew up in Hackney. Her music style is influenced by Tarantino soundtracks and Lo-Fi beats which are demonstrated in her debut single ‘Holy Man’ released earlier this year. The track, which has received over 66,000 streams on Spotify, was produced and co-written by Jake Gosling (Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, The Libertines, James Bay, Paloma Faith).

June 2016 saw Nuuxs and Jake Gosling collaborating again on ‘The Cry EP’. The title track was released as a single, again attracting a huge response via Spotify

Check out the aforementioned track “Cry”, her latest single, this song will give you pause for thought. The video is very evocative. Just what went on there?

Song written by Nuuxs and Jake Gosling
Produced by Jake Gosling
Recorded at Sticky Studios UK
Music Video Directed by Tom J Cronin


So this is her debut single, I am impressed.
Wow! What a great song, beautifully produced and beautifully sung. What a voice, combine Adele, Duffy, Amy, Lily and Joss and then you are getting close. And this video, very very good. We even get the walking dead in it.
Holy Man

Song written by Nuuxs and Jake Gosling
Produced by Jake Gosling
Recorded at Sticky Studios UK
Music Video Directed by Tom J Cronin


Now it has always been my creed that you can’t believe how great a singer is until you have seen then perform a great song live. So we put it to the test. Nuuxs nails it 500%. This is an awesome version of “Holy Man” performed live.
There is no listing of players or where it was done, just dated January this year. But great backing and great singing.


We’ll finish up with another great track from the EP. Just audio this time but a really sublime piece of pop. This young lady just cannot help becoming a huge star. It’s only a matter of time.
But if there is any justice it will be soon.

Song written by Nuuxs and Jake Gosling
Produced by Jake Gosling
Recorded at Sticky Studios UK


Ohh! wait, wait. Stop the presses. Nuuxs has released a new single. And I’m in love all over again. A beautiful, beautiful track.
Beautiful sentiment too. Closing my eyes now.
Love me slower