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Coincidence Bizarre

It’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle surrounded by a mystery who or what this band is.

They are called Coincidence Bizarre, that’s all we know.

In reality each individual member of Coincidence Bizarre is known to the media in Los Angeles but no one is revealing their true identities

Little is known of this West Coast collective except they like their drinks unfiltered, their fortunes untold, their identities unknown and their music bizarre.

Individually, each have made a unique stamp in the heart of the pulsating media world of Los Angeles. But besides an obscure website full of cryptic gypsy slang, there is little physical evidence that they even exist, save for their undeniable influences in various veins of entertainment (which, of course, are being kept under wraps).

Coincidence Bizarre‘s debut tracks, Invisible Man / Shapeshifter (due out May 12th), is an A and B side, but is also a premonition of sorts, alluding to how their heart-opening presence will enter your ears and transform your mind.

So now I’ve got your interest you just have to listen to this track. Very hip, reminiscent of Godley and Creme in some ways, but very much of the now. Unusual but hypnotic, let me know if you enjoy it. Certainly a welcome addition to my playlist.
Invisible Man

Bonnie Love

Curiosity got me here. I noticed something when I was preparing the Gabriella Cohen post a few days ago, that Gabriella has a sister Bonnie Love who Gabriella had produced some songs for an EP.

So I had to have a listen, I am so glad I did. Bonnie Love wow! I am in love with her voice. It hits you to the bone. So hard and soft, so rough and smooth, this young lady is a true old soul. In a word amazing.

Bonnie Love is from Melbourne, as was her sister.

I read a wonderful quote about her that I want to share.
“An explosive Molotov cocktail of harlot and song from a true chanteuse who was born for the stage.” Felicity Black, Dirty Power Studios

No videos so far, but you are in for an aural treat.
I’ll show you “Songs of love and living”.
A collection of songs written around USA & Melbourne town 2015/16.
Recorded by her sister, Gabriella Cohen in a collection of lovely lounge rooms dotted around the country.

First up this achingly beautiful walking blues song, it has everything, beautiful guitar and that totally ethereal voice that takes you to places you know and some you don’t. Oh oh oh I think I’m in love. I’m transfixed by her voice.

from Songs For The Living, released January 25, 2017
Written and performed by Bonnie Love
Produced By Gabriella Cohen

A slight acoustic guitar and then the chill-inspiring voice of Bonnie. This song is a definite goose bump provider. The warmth of Norah Jones, the depths of anguish of Billy Holiday, and above all the superb talent of Bonnie Love. I tell you this EP can change your life. Oh I’ll carry you home, for sure.

Written and performed by Bonnie Love
Produced By Gabriella Cohen

Take me back to the twenties in some speak easy, the bathtub gin is flowing and there on a small stage is the singer. Oh Bonnie Love is so much into that genre. This is a beautiful, beautiful piece. You want it to never end, and that mouth trombone is a nice touch.

Written and performed by Bonnie Love
Produced By Gabriella Cohen

“I think I’m going a little crazy” she sings, and I know I’m going crazy over her. Such an authentic jazz/blues vocalist. People I implore you, you have to make this young lady a mega star. Once you hear all of this EP you won’t be able to stop playing it.
Coming Home

Written and performed by Bonnie Love
Produced By Gabriella Cohen

? Peter Cahill

Finally today, and I hate to finish this but we’ve run out of songs, a very different take on a love song. Bringing out the tender side of Bonnie, but the blues and jazz is still there.
Awesome, amazing, brilliant Bonnie Love is a tour de force.
under my bed

Written and performed by Bonnie Love
Produced By Gabriella Cohen


Ängie is a talented singer from a homophobic town in Sweden, but now resides in Stockholm. When you hear her songs you may understand that remark.

Ängie is no run of the mill Swedish pop star, far from it. She’s so unique they broke the mold when they made her. Not sure if she’s out to shock or just don’t give a damn, either way a truly refreshing sound to wake up the music world.

While the press called her the New Miley Cyrus, she rather wanted to be seen as ‘Lil Weed Hoe’ who loves smoking weed and eating pussy every day. And to be honest: That actually summarizes everything you have to know about the work of Ängie. Attention-grabbing? Possible. Shocking? Rather less. With ‘Housewive Spliffin” Ängie remains being a pubescent soul who rather wants to shock than impressing music industry once more. ~~ Irish Coffee Time

This is only one of the many places I saw this review, so maybe wrong attribution.

So let’s kick up with her most recent release, a gentle song about smoking weed and the joy’s of pussy. A most wondrous attitude to enjoy. Nice bass line. So kick back and engulf yourself in the beauty that is Ängie.
Housewife Spliffin’

Director: Ängie & Christofer Nilsson
Production company: Mohave
Production design: Sandra Haraldsen
FAD: Frida Andersson Haase
Assistants: Peter Malmgren, Joen Bergenrud, Kamila Schneltser

The three and a half minute track is all about getting high, getting naked and getting drunk – every single day. Nice idea, just add a cool video with this cute young lady laying down her feelings. A delicious drum and bass debut single from Ängie, awesome.
It’s certainly hypnotic, very mixed reaction on YouTube, but then there are more haters in the world who hide behind their keyboards. I for one love it, and look forward to hearing more from Ängie.
Smoke Weed Eat Pussy

OK, gonna finish with Elliphant and a live “featured” appearance @ Gröna Lund, Stockholm which is of course the beautiful capital of Sweden.
Elliphant feat. Ängie – One More

Gröna Lund Stockholm Sweden
Filmed With HTC One M9