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Here’s a wonderful treat for you today a few tracks from a great sounding group from the UK.  Welcome Miccoli.
Miccoli, their name taken from the sibling trio’s surname, formed in 2010 after spending most of their childhood studying and making music. Growing up in Birmingham, England, they were brought up listening to Simon and Garfunkel, Don Mclean, The Police, Fleetwood Mac and the sounds of Motown, to name just a few of their diverse musical influences.
Twin brothers Adriano (vocal and acoustic/electric guitar) Alessandro (piano, vocal and acoustic guitar) and their younger sister Francesca (vocal, piano and harmonica) have toured extensively, giving the band the opportunity to explore their musical identity and fine tune their live set – a compelling blend of haunting, melodic and eclectic sounds, interlaced with breathtaking harmonies.
So, do we want to hear some music?  You betcha.
First up their awesome beautiful new single, Idle Stranger, a true gem from the opening chords.  The harmonies are gentle and sublime, the backing instrumentation is so good it’s surreal.  Chill inducing sounds all through this track.  Beautifully filmed in Venice, Italy this is a video to savour. This track has the promise to become a number one hit.
Idle Stranger

More photos from Venice

I do like to hear new bands cover other artists songs, and I always say if you are going to do it, pick a great song and do it well.  Miccoli more than do that, they take this Fleetwood Mac classic and totally own it.  They impart a very different feel into this beautiful track. I just love it.

Here’s another great song, beautifully sung by Miccoli. Their harmonies as always sublime. This young group really deserve to go far if they keep producing awesome music like this.
All My Life

All My Life Video by Concepts Communications

One last cover, this is the Tracy Chapman classic re-imagined Miccoli style.  I remember when Tracy Chapman first released this song, we were all astounded by such a great song from a new young talent.  It blew up the charts.  And this version gives the same impression, a worthy do over for a classic song.
Fast Car

Finally today a bitter-sweet (too short) teaser for their forthcoming album to be released later this year.

Fascinating Aïda

I can’t believe it’s been this long since Fascinating Aïda was here, they are so funny.
On an earlier post in the old blog I had two of their great songs “Cheap Flights” and “Dogging”, both particularly British phenomenons.

Fascinating Aïda have in the past been described as “Absolutely Fabulous meets Noel Coward, as sung by the Andrew Sisters.”

So after checking around I found some new songs I’d missed.

First up is Fascinating Aïda’s post-Brexit song, this is hilarious whether you were for or agin Brexit. Or even if you don’t care. Check it out.

So Sorry Scotland

Sung by Fascinating Aïda at the Spiegeltent, Assembly, Edinburgh Festival 2016. “SO SORRY SCOTLAND”by Lyrics by Adèle Anderson, Liza Pulman & Dillie Keane: Music by Dillie Keane. Filmed by LA Media. With enormous thanks to William Burdett-Coutts and Sharon Burgess.

Now this one resonates with me a bit, and only they could make it funny. Though to be accurate Laura Linney did a pretty good job on it in the Showtime series a few years back.

So kick back and enjoy their take on the Big C.
Big C

As part of World Cancer Day (4th Feb 2017), we’ve decided to release this song on YouTube. Adèle, of course, was diagnosed with Big C in the spring of 2015 and we felt we had to write a song about it, if only to make ourselves laugh. It made it into our 2016 Edinburgh show – “Back In The Saddle” – and when we finally reconvene in 2018, it will no doubt make an appearance then too. Filmed by LA Media at the Assembly Spiegeltent, taken from the Fascinating Aïda DVD BACK IN THE SADDLE, available from their website.

For those of us outside the UK. Here the official version, but I like the Fascinating Aïda description better.
“OFSTED is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. We inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people, and services providing education and skills for learners of all ages.”
Enjoy this song about Ofsted.
OFSTED song for teachers

Fascinating Aïda in this video are: Dillie Keane in the blue. Adele Anderson in red. And, in yellow, the glorious Liza Pulman.

This final gem tips their hat to Gilbert & Sullivan among others, only Fascinating Aïda could bring humour into the banking arena. Enjoy.
The Market

Jackie Bristow


Jackie Bristow first crossed my radar a few years ago. Can it really be four years? As regulars on the old blog can attest she is one awesome singer / songwriter from the other land down under, New Zealand. There is a link at the bottom of the page to my earlier post.

Jackie always writes such compelling songs with beautiful melodies.
She is one young lady who truly 100% lives up to the singer / songwriter tag.

Someone (thanks Bill) brought up her name yesterday and it jarred me into action to catch up on the lovely Jackie. I’m so glad I did.

Jackie has a new album “Shot of Gold” which was released in New Zealand and Australia in February, as Jackie was on tour there, but sadly we have to wait ’til the fall. Unless you have any friends in the antipodes.

So let’s get to the music.

Whistle Blowin’ is the second single from Jackie’s forthcoming album “Shot of Gold”. Jackie Bristow still making those glorious beautiful videos.
And her voice still perfect. This is a wonderfully evocative tune, loving the banjo.
Whistle Blowin’

Video directed and produced by Mark Tierney
Single and Album produced and mixed by Mark Punch.


Next up a beautiful duet with Jackie Bristow and Jason Kerrison.
Great harmonies, I’ve never heard Jackie duet with anyone before.
A great idea perfectly done.
As an aside, who finds all these beautiful places Jackie make her videos at?
Warrior Spirit

Songwriter – Jackie Bristow

Video Produced and Directed by Karl Sheridan – MonsterValley

Track Produced by Mark Punch
Engineered and Mixed by Neil Baldock.
Nick Gaffaney – drums, Rosa Pullman – piano, Dave Sutton – bass, Mark Punch – Electric Guitars and Jackie Bristow, Acoustic Guitar.
Jackie Bristow and Jason Kerrison – Lead Vocals.


On a recent trip back to her homeland Jackie Bristow performs Fallen Youth live in RNZ’s Auckland studio. What a beautiful song.
The song was written in remembrance of the Gallipoli 100 year reunion.
Fallen Youth was originally a poem written by an unnamed ANZAC WW1 Soldier. It was found in the Library of Jackie’s hometown of Gore.

A childhood friend and kiwi soldier, Aaron Horrell, found the poem and carried it with him for twenty years. Recently Aaron asked Jackie to turn the poem into a song.
Jackie wrote the song at the top of the Hokonui hills and now performs it as part of her live set.

Jackie says “the poem speaks from the heart of a soldier and it feels good to sing my song ‘Fallen Youth’ and to tell a story for all the soldiers in the world”
Fallen Youth

Audio Andre Upston
Video Diego Opatowski and Dru Faulkner


Jackie and Joe Shashaty getting saxy at Standing Sun Winery, Buellton in Santa Barbara County, California. This is some real blues, and both Jackie and Joe pulling out all the stops.


Wow, this new album is gonna be so good, released this fall, make sure you get your copy. “Shot of Gold” is the name. This is another beautiful track from it. And yes, another great video.
I Don’t Want To Come Down

Directed by Mark Tierney


As mentioned earlier, here is a link to my earlier Jackie Bristow post. As always ignore the dumb “Content” warning.  Blogger still not come to their senses.