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Babe Punch

? Jessica-Rose Lena

Meet Babe Punch. An alternative rock band from the Nottingham/Derby area in the UK.
They are still in their late teens so they have plenty of energy to burn off.

With their grunge and punk influences, they have been described as having a “venomous and angry sound” and making “a racket that goes way beyond their years”.
Babe Punch are:
Molly Godber (vocals)
Carys Jones (guitarist)
Miles Cooke (guitarist)
Abbie Roberts (bassist)
Adam Fletcher (drummer)

And they certainly live up to the name, when you first hear their sound you will certainly feel the punch. The Babe Punch that it is.

Time to check out the music, enough of the background.

So here it is. Your new favorite band. Hailing from the Midlands, pop-punksters Babe Punch are about to unleash their debut single ‘Control’ this July 7th – a riotous and confident belter of a song from the teenagers, that has already led them on to stages that include the Y Not and Dot To Dot Festivals.

And you are in luck, I have an advance sneak peak chance for you to listen to it. It’s simply amazing.

? James Robert Birtwhistle

Check this out, @ Nottingham Trent University Students Union, Nottingham on 28th May 2017 Babe Punch destroys Chris Isaac classic, but in a good way.
Enjoy it and I bet you can’t keep your feet still.
Wicked Game

Let’s check out an earlier appearance at Future Session studios. This was a couple of years ago and at that time the line up was Molly Godber, Carys Jones, Abbie Roberts, Erica Hardy Fry and Adam Fletcher. Young wild and full of teen energy and guitar shredding skills.
Second Hand Slave & Drain

Filmed at the Notts TV studios on 25th November 2015.
Director: Paul Wallis
Video: Alon Gani, Amy Bettney, Jon Cooke, Stephen Jones
Audio: Ben Hickingbottom, Joni Butley, Ryan Prokaza
Editor and Audio Post: Paul Wallis
Production Manager: Sam Nahirny
Production Assistant: Katie Beard
Presenter: Mark Del


And we’ll close with Babe Punch performing live at Rough Trade Nottingham as part of the Hockley Hustle,  it is a shortened version of their new single as featured at the top of this post.


Julia Jacklin


Julia Jacklin a very talented singer / songwriter from Sydney, Australia.
Yep another amazing voice from the land down under.

Culled from her bio, a sample:
Julia Jacklin thought she’d be a social worker.

Growing up in the Blue Mountains to a family of teachers, Jacklin discovered an avenue to art at the age of 10, thanks to an unlikely source: Britney Spears.

Inspired, Jacklin began educating herself. From Fiona Apple she learned to be bold with words; from Anna Calvi, the cut and presence of electric guitar; and from Angel Olsen, that interpretation triumphs over technique.

Having got that inspiration and adapted it to her own talent Julia Jacklin has progressed to where she is right now, an amazing singer with awesome songwriting skills. To hear so many awesome songs by someone so young gives one hope for the future of music.

So, background filled, time for the music. Oh and keep a lookout for her debut album, Don’t Let The Kids Win. Maybe that title is in sardonic font.

Check out this cool tune, Pool Party is the first single from Julia’s debut album Don’t Let The Kids Win dropping October 7th 2016. Hopefully in the States as well as down under.
A beautiful poignant song, with an amazingly warm vocal. Julia has a terrific voice, I’m just loving this song.
Pool Party

Julia Jacklin – Woman
Thomas Stephens – Man
Sam Brumby – DOP, Assistant Director, Editor, Colour Gradist.
Anna Phillips – 2nd Assistant Director, Camera Assistant

Pool Party was recorded & mixed by Ben Edwards @ The Sitting Room, Lyttelton NZ
Mastered by Ben Delaney

? James Adams

Here’s the second single from the hotly anticipated album, by me and I’m sure many others. I am so blown away by her voice, it is perfect. End of story. Get used to it, you are going to be hearing plenty more of it.

Julia Jacklin – Director
Sam Brumby – D.D.P
Hannah Kadi – Dancer 1
Morgan May – Dancer 2
Eddie Boyd – Boyfriend

Leadlight recorded at The Sitting Room Studio in Lyttelton.

Recorded and Produced by Ben Edwards
Mastered by Ben Delaney


Julia sings Don’t Let The Kids Win, the title track from her forthcoming debut album, at The 13th Floor. This is a beautifully restrained acoustic track which highlights the absolute warmth of her voice. Oh and that catch in her voice. Love it.
Don’t Let The Kids Win



? Scarlett Mckee

This was a couple of years back, complete with cop siren, a brilliant performance @ Cleveland’s recorded with the RØDE K2 on vocals and the Procaster on guitar amp. Ohh that catch in her voice, it gets me every time.
LA Dream

Live at Cleveland’s presented by RØDE Microphones: A fortnightly live music session that showcases country, folk and bluegrass acts from in and around the Sydney region.
Filmed and recorded by Sam Brumby, live inside the charming Cafe/Salon, ‘Cleveland’s’, located at 311 Cleveland St. Redfern. These sessions couple the pleasing aesthetics of the stores surroundings with the captivating performances of the musicians.


Another dreamy beautiful song. Accompanied with some cool footage from her USA trip. New Orleans, the train ride to Memphis, Graceland, the Mississippi River and some of Nashville.
Some great familiar places, I’m sure Julia enjoyed New Orleans and Memphis as much, if not more than I did. You just feel the music in your soul.
Such a simple tune, but absolutely beautiful.
It could have been you, Andrew




We’re gonna close with another beautiful song, Julia is one brilliant songwriter.
This one is about the agony of first loves. I’ll let Julia explain it in her own words.
This is a song I wrote a while ago but just recorded in my garage yesterday. I have made a high-tech film clip to go with it to keep you entertained. Don’t be too distracted by the James Cameron-esque visual effects the song is a slow burning story song about the agony and ecstasy of first love.
It’s too cool for words. Enjoy.





Black Honey

Black Honey_3

? by Andy Hughes/ NME Magazine

WoW! Girl group pop meets grunge meets shoegaze meets post punk and they all get together and we maybe have Black Honey.

They are an amazing band who are just so outrageous, tight and totally enjoyable.
I’m running out of superlatives with this band.

Black Honey hails from Brighton in the UK.

Black Honey is Izzy B Phillips (vocals and guitar), Chris Ostler (guitar), Tommy Taylor (bass), and Tom Dewhurst (drums).

This is one of those darkly delicious decadent tracks that just haunts your mind and your sleep. Izzy at her darkest here, and the band so damn tight. Awesome sound.
Sleep Forever

 Black Honey_6

? by Emma Swann / DIY

Another track from the same gig as the previous one, I’m a bit confused about the Fred Perry subculture. Fred Perry used to make shirts when I worked in retail menswear. This is yet another great song that highlights how talented this band is.


Black Honey_5

? by The Line Of Best Fit

Some more amazing rock, this time from The Great Escape on the Dr.Martens stage. This was in Brighton last year.
You Said It All

Black Honey_2?by Andy Von Pip Photography

Madonna, from their 2014 debut EP,is slow-burning, where dusty, David Lynch-noir Americana meets the Thames Valley.  [The Guardian]

This is a live version from The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham, UK.
Wow! Amazing! Would have been great to have been there.

Black Honey_1

? by Antonia Marsh

To finish off today we’ll go back to that Fred Perry thing, the quality of the video / sound in all of these is great.
Black Honey are in terrific form again and this is another great song.
They all could be hits, but maybe not in todays ultra pop celebrity driven world. I get a kind of B-52’s vibe from this one.

Black Honey_4

 ? by Emma Swann / DIY