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Katie Burden


I first became aware of Katie Burden a few months back when I did a piece about the first single from her debut album, Strange Moon.

Then today I noticed another single and video dropped.
And what a video it is, wow, wild, surreal to say the least.

Katie filmed the video in 110-degree desert heat and was buried up to her head in the hot sand!

The video is visually stunning and the song is an aural treat. I have heard it many time as the album Strange Moon is rarely of my play list.

So here it is, kick back and enjoy the awesome voice of Katie Burden.

Run For Your Life

“Run For Your Life” Music Video By Katie Burden
Cautionary Tail Records Copyright 2016

Directors // Ryan Valdez & Devin Schiro
Director of Photography // Gary Kent
Editors // Ryan Valdez & Devin Schiro
Key Make-Up Artist // Noël Fischetti
Mask Designer // Chelsea Bayouth
Wardrobe Design // Saira Huff
Production Designer // Bryce Rankins
Camera Assistant // Majd Mazin

Creature #1 // Juliana Codrí
Creature #2 // Rosemarry Moreau
Creature #3 // Karina Genevieve

? Kristin Cofer

In case you are one of the only people on the planet who hasn’t heard the album yet, you can listen here.
Strange Moon


Rachel Mason

? Matthew Spiegelman

Touted as “one of the most creative forces in the world” by Impose Magazine, Mason is best known in music circles for delivering fantastical narratives which interweave musical, theatrical and narrative elements into unexpected operatic journeys. She is also blessed with an awesome voice.

Rachel Mason has a new album to be released this month.
Comprised of eight tracks, the ‘Das Ram’ album conveys the stories of specific characters who define and delight in their own realities and cosmologies. Individuals who create their own world views, their own religions, and fantasy lives. “Das Ram” is an inversion of the name of renowned healer Ram Dass, and also a play on Mason’s own initials, Rachel Ann Mason. The tracks were produced by Los Angeles based writer, artist and musician Jeff Hassay.

This is the second single from her forthcoming ‘Das Ram’ LP, entitled ‘Heart Explodes’. The video is both metaphorically relevant and creepy, as is her commentary on the motivation behind this song.
‘Heart Explodes’ is a metaphor for allowing oneself the freedom to destroy one’s old identity and to find a new paradigm from which to dream. ”Women are often offered a set of limitations from an early age, and these restrictions determine so much of one’s destiny. Yet, there can be great things that arise from limitation, but controlling one’s own set of rules, one’s own box, one’s own destiny is the key,” explains Rachel Mason.
Heart Explodes

Directors: Rachel Mason and Aksel Stasny
Executive Producer: Dmitriy Ivolgin
Producer: Aksel Stasny
Director of Photography: Aksel Stasny
Music Production and Engineering: Jeff Hassey


This was the first single from the album ‘Das Ram’.
A totally confusing, enjoyable, amazing video.
One that you will have to view many times to understand it.
Tigers In the Dark

Directed by Matthew Spiegelman
Choreography by Haylee Nichele,
Song by Rachel Mason and Jeff Hassay
Lyrics by Rachel Mason
Costume and Makeup by Rachel Mason


In addition Rachel Mason has recorded 13 albums and created many music videos. Her feature film The Lives of Hamilton Fish toured the world in 2015 and recently released on VOD. Mason has exhibited her visual art and performance work at museums, film and performance festivals internationally and at many of the country’s leading art galleries.
Here’s one of the songs from The Lives of Hamilton Fish for your enjoyment.
The White Crow

The White Crow is a song from the epic indie opera film and album, “The Lives of Hamilton Fish.”
In this scene “the White Crow” visits Hamilton Fish II in order to help him hear the voice of his dead wife. The scene was shot at the Morris-Jumel mansion, former home of Aaron Burr.
Theodore Bouloukos- Hamilton Fish II
Vincent Cooper- Leonora Piper aka “The White Crow”


OK, to finish up here’s a treat for you.
Check out the upcoming album.
Das Ram


Marcela Bovio


You probably know today’s artist from her earlier days in the band Stream of Passion which was a Dutch progressive metal band with symphonic, Latin and Gothic influences founded by guitarist and composer Arjen Anthony Lucassen and our artist today Mexican singer, violinist, lyricist and songwriter Marcela Bovio. The band disbanded this year.

This lady has no limits in the talent department.
Marcela Bovio is a soprano was also one of the founding members of the Mexican band Elfonía.

Marcela is now setting out on her own solo career, to this end she is releasing her first solo album, “Unprecedented”, to be released September 23. I for one can’t wait.

So let’s give you a little tease.

Beautiful voice, beautiful song and ohh those strings.
This track is the complete package, beyond cool.
It is the first single of Marcela’s upcoming solo album “Unprecedented”.

Video by ADEH


Track eight from the upcoming solo album “Unprecedented”, to be released September 23. A very dramatic piece, maybe it’s the video, it could be from a very tense movie. Or the song itself could be a tense movie. Another beautiful piece.
Saboteurs (official lyric video)


We’ll finish up with a reminder of her previous career with the band.
What a powerful band they were and Marcela’s voice soars to lead them.
Stream of Passion ~ Monster


Track Listing

1- Hay Amores
2- The Treasure Hunter
3- Found!
4- Dime
5- The Cartographers
6- Powerless
7- Alicia
8- Saboteurs
9- Stars
10- The One

You can pre-order the new album here (digital).

or CD / Vinyl here.