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Ms. Irene Renee


Ms. Irene Renee is a soulful singer/songwriter who hails from Detroit and currently resides in New York. She has a voice that is smooth as silk and warm as cashmere.

“Recently, working with phenomenal musicians, producers, and developing a love for writing, Ms. Irene Renee decided to embark upon a journey to independently produce and release her debut album, aptly entitled, Serendipitous Experience. Her dynamic melding of sultry and earthy mixed with a bit of sweet and sexy is incredibly appealing; the album’s lyrical content coupled with its melodic assortment evoke genuine reactions in her listeners: they love it; they get it! Her music promotes reflection, inspiration, and movement. She has been compared to singers like Toni Braxton, Jill Scott, Cassandra Wilson, and Anita Baker and complimented by accomplished artists, including Cissy Houston and Luther Vandross.”    Ms. Irene Renee

You only have to hear Ms. Irene Renee once and you will be under her spell. She is a voice of the ages full of sensuous sultry soul.

OK, end of verbiage, time for the music. That’s what you came for.

This is a thing of beauty, a joy to the ears and eyes. Ms. Irene Renee is one smooth voiced young lady. A real slice of life.

Copyright (C) 2016 Irene Haynes and Gil V. Small Jr.


A song that truly lives up to its title, Ms. Irene Renee is so smooth.
Just wrap me up in those tender tones.
Smooth Step

Album: Serendipitous Experience
Music Video Director: Robin Adams/
Music Producer: Marcus E. McCray
Lyrics: Ms. Irene Renee
Engineer: Dennis Johnson/Uppa Room Studios South – ATL Georgia
Available: CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, most streaming services


Not sure where this was shot, but it’s a great slice of Ms Irene singing live at a street festival (presumably New York). Check her out singing this great Jill Scott song.


Another of Ms. Irene Renee’s great tunes, and a cool happy video to go with it. This will make you feel good, and warm and dare I say it sexy. This young lady puts the sas back into music.
Feelin’ Good


SiLyA & The Sailors


I was thinking it was about time to revisit SiLyA & The Sailors, they of the awesome swing/rock/jazz/funk/cabaret music. And boy was my timing on.
They have released a new album, Resolution, it came out Friday with more chapters to follow.

If you visited the old blog you will remember SiLyA & The Sailors. SiLyA is of course the gorgeous Norwegian red-head with the awesome pipes.
They are heading for a Norwegian tour, it’ll be a hot time in the old town on October 14 when they hit Sentrum Scene, in Oslo. I’d love to be there for that.

Anyhow, let’s get to the music, it is so delish.

Wow! Talk about hot of the presses, this only dropped 4 hours ago. And boy is it hot. This is SiLyA & The Sailors in real top form, betcha can’t sit still. Amazing, awesome, brilliant, and in addition SiLyA is looking hotter than ever. This band is just so tight.
Lift me up

Photographer: Pål Laukli
Make up : Trude Mokkelbost Laukli
Edit: Magnus Evensen, Shortcut Oslo
Grading: William Schaad, Uhørt
Lyrics & Melody by Silya Nymoen
Music by Silya Nymoen & KNS Prod.


SiLyA is back with a bang, not that she ever went away. This is an awesome song, it just rocks in a swing kind of way. Loving the whole vibe. And a brilliant video to go with it.
Beauty & Terror

Story by Silya Nymoen
Animation and additional story by Frej Bengtsson
Greenscreen photo/film/camera: Per – Ingvar Holm/ Parkas Film
Studio/ Special thanks to:
Krypton Film / Jørn Broll
Lyrics & Melody by Silya Nymoen
Music by Silya Nymoen & Neill Sanford Livingston

? Jørn Hauganfoto Kristensen

This is a great song I had posted on my previous blog post, but that video is dead and this is a great live version. This is from a Norwegian entertainment series. “In Star Game” you meet established artists who compete in a variety of music genres and fight for the title of Norway’s ultimate entertainer. I don’t know if she won, but she sure kicks butt.

Norsk underholdningsserie. I Stjernekamp møtes etablerte artister for å konkurrere i en rekke ulike musikksjangere og kjempe om tittelen som Norges ultimate entertainer.

? Pål Laukli

Here’s a great number from their live performance @ Grefsenkollen i Oslo under festivalen Over Oslo, a couple of months ago. Check out how many members in the band, and they are as ever oh so tight and she is as ever oh so smooth and oh so hot.

To My Capitan


It’s always great to hear different versions of songs you like. So check out this where SiLyA & a coupla Sailors perform a stripped down version of “Beauty & Terror” on God Morgen Norge ( Good Morning Norway) on May 24 2016.
Beauty & Terror

Vocals, lyrics and melody: Silya Nymoen
Guitar: Truls Hval
Bass: Endre Hareide Hallre
Trombone: Sigurd Evensen

Silya_Chapter2_Resolution  2

Valerie Ghent


It’s been a while since the lovely Valerie Ghent graced these pages, well actually it was on the old blog but who’s counting.

So I figured it was time to check and see what she was up to.
In a word the same amazing stuff as before but doing it in the now.

First up check out her most recent video release, an awesome funky sexy cover of the Ben E King classic. Great band, great vibe and to the front the beautiful sound of Valerie herself.
Supernatural Thing


Valerie Ghent has a new album dropping next month, and a beaut it is.

“An electrifying mix of R+B, funk, pop, reggae & smooth soul, “Velours” was recorded in NYC and the South of France. Harkening back to old-school days of recording live with real musicians, and singing live lead vocals while recording, in this breathtaking, spell-binding performance Ghent fully unleashes her 3 and 1/2 octave vocal range, powerful keyboard chops and her distinctive voice that can hurtle into the stratosphere, whisper in your ear or fall into a low croon at will.”

From her previous album here’s a fantastic taste of the islands.
There is no way you can keep your feet still and listen to this beautiful track.
Performing here are the following:
Valerie Ghent – lead vocal, backing vocals
Francis Mbappe – guitar, bass, vocals
Tinker Barfield – bass
Robin Macatangay – guitar
Bashiri Johnson – percussion
Kevin Johnson – drums
Run Run Run

Produced by Valerie Ghent

Recorded by Ron Allaire, Francis Mbappe, Valerie Ghent
Mixed by Valerie Ghent
Mastered by Greg Calbi


I got a sneak peek at the album, and from the first track to the last that I heard I was enthralled. Sadly it cannot be shared with you yet. But I can share my reactions to some of the tracks I have heard.

The first track, “Love Divine”, has the feel of a Leonard Cohen song. I’m not even sure why I say that, certainly the voice is nowhere near that gruff. It’s just a total feeling, maybe the backing singers. All in all it is a beautiful track with a very tight band.

“It’s Got to be You” kicks of with a tinkling piano before the rest of the band come in, a percussive tour de force that is smoothed by Valerie and the backing chorus. A very funky piece.


Here’s a strange thing, I’m not a big fan of New York (nice place to visit wouldn’t want to live there) but when I was listening to the third track I got the chills. It really espouses the feeling of the city, the song is – “New York City Streets”. Maybe it relates back to my upbringing in another big city London, or more likely it was the voice of Valerie.

Valerie will break your heart with “Light in my Life”, amazing vocals that are so poignant and soulful.

“On and On”, man this band is tight and the vocals so spot on.
And the funk is on and on and on. This track makes me smile, even if it makes Valerie sad. It just has that great beat with a slight hint of ska.

All in all this is an amazing album, and I can’t wait to hear it all when it comes out Oct 21, 2016.

Meanwhile check out this intimate, romantic love song, Valerie discovers long-lost family roots in the magical city of Venice.
Beating In My Heart


I’m gonna finish up with this classic, beautiful French chanson written by Valerie’s great-uncle, Eugène Cavos, in 1954 in Paris.
The song was lost for decades and once found, magically reunited Valerie with long-lost family in Europe.
So beautiful and so authentically French.
Refrain de Mon Enfance

Video: Made by Ju
Filmed on location in Paris
Valerie Ghent – voice
Sibylle Lievois – accordion
music by Eugène Cavos
lyrics by Nick Frionnet & Christian Tison