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Tal Benyerzi (Hebrew: טל בניזרי‎‎), professionally known as Tal, is an Israeli-born French singer-songwriter and dancer.
Her YouTube viewing figures are generally in the tens of millions, so you can gather she is very popular in Europe. But as is the norm not so much known in America when you sing in a different language, and that is America’s loss.

She was destined to be in the musical arena, her Moroccan-Jewish father was a guitar player, her Yemeni mother a professional singer under the name Sem Azar. Her brother is a songwriter and her aunt and cousin are singers. Keeping it in the family.

Tal saw her first two albums go platinum, and surely her new self titled album is destined to do the same.

So let’s get to the music, let’s check out some of the tracks from the new album.

Is this what it was really like? I’ve heard about the dance band on the Titanic, but dancing in the wreckage? A very cool video , and a great dance track. Track two on “Tal”.
Are We Awake (Océan)

Auteurs : Tal, Raphaël Herrerias, Emmanuel Beaubrun, Ralph Beaubrun
Compositeurs : Tal, Ralph Beaubrun, Ludovic Carquet, Thery Marie-Louise
Vidéo réalisée par IDZ / Matthieu Allard


Another great pop/dance track, as always I don’t know what she is singing about but I love the sound. Nice video, and a happy perky sound just to raise your spirits. Track three on “Tal”.
Le temps qu’il faut

Vidéo réalisée par IDZ / Matthieu Allard
Directeur Artistique : Adrien Galo
Chorégraphie : Kyf Ekamé
Stylisme: Fleur Huynh Evans
Auteurs : Tal- Raphaël Herrerias- -Emmanuel Beaubruin-Ralph Beaubruin
Compositeurs : Tal-Ralph Beaubruin-Ludovic Carquet-Thierry Marie-Louise
Editeurs: Morning Dew Music/ What A Publishing / Costallat


Here’s TAL performing a great cover of a Drake tune, singing in English.
Great version, enjoy. This one is not on the album.
One Dance

C’Cauet sur NRJ de 19h à 22h !

And finally today a great cover of the Wynter Gordon track, it appears on the de-luxe version of her new album as a bonus track.

Réal : Ady & Matt pour IDZ productions
Paroles et Musique : Emile Dersnt II/ Diana Gordon
Editeurs : BMG Platinum Song US/ Tailored 4 U Music
Réalisé par Tal et Jordan Houyez pour Mothageeka Publishing
Voix enregistrées au studio Miscendo (Paris)
Guitare : Haile Jno baptiste
Mixé par Nico Staf au studio Miscendo (Paris)
Claviers et programmations : Tal et Jordan Houyez
Percussions : Nicolas Montazaud

(p) & © 2016 Warner Music France, A Warner Music Group Company


Indila is an amazingly talented singer / songwriter who was born in Paris, her family is of Algerian descent, but she also has Indian, Cambodian and Egyptian roots. Which accounts for that Middle Eastern touch she has to her voice. And what a voice at times Edith Piaf and at other times Shakira and at all times perfectly clear as a bell.

Indila has collaborated with musicians such as Nessbeal, Rohff, TLF, Soprano and Youssoupha and has co-written with them in addition to co-writing with and for M. Pokora, Admiral T, DJ Abdel and Axel Tony.

This is the first song I heard from Indila, and I found it because the Amadeus Electric Quartet did an instrumental cover of it, and I so loved the tune I had to find the original, boy am I glad I did.

Wow!! What a song, and what a voice, truly the voice for the 21st Century.
And it looks like she saved the world. This is just the greatest.
Dernière Danse 

Compositeurs: Indila – Skalpovich
Auteur: Indila
Réalisateur du clip: Sylvain Bressollette

Another song I don’t understand the words, but I don’t care. It’s all in the sound, the purity of her voice. Sheer bliss. Sometimes even a touch of “The Little Sparrow”. Another great video along the way.
Tourner Dans Le Vide (Turn in the Void)

Compositeurs: Indila – Skalpovich
Auteur: Indila
Réalisateur du clip: Julien Bloch

Here’s another great song from Indila, this time we are live in Paris.
And she is going to get us running, or at the very least tapping our feet.
I am so in love with this young ladies voice. And the band are hypnotic to say the least, really tight yet wild.
Run Run

Another amazing song from Indila, for this one a fan has made a mashup of some of her other videos to go with the song. And what a song, the drums, the beat, and most of all the voice. Oh man, this is intense.

Thanks Ƭคᖇคރ‬‎

66+million views on You Tube, where the hell have I been.
That is the one truly sad fact about American media, artists like this just don’t get shown. Why? Because she sings in a different language to us.
If you listen to the melody and the sound the French language is even more beautiful when it is sung. And this is another awesome song with a brilliant video.
Love Story

Love Story, 5eme extrait de Mini World
Compositeurs: Indila – Skalpovich
Auteur: Indila
Réalisateur : Karim Ouaret

Recently Indila teamed up with H Magnum and they made this wonderful song and video. Indila is sounding amazing. I don’t know H Magnum, but will keep him close to my radar as he has an interesting voice and aura.
Garde l’équilibre


As I often try to do, I’m closing with a live version of the first video on the post. And boy what a treat this is. This was recorded in Paris (that’s as close as they give us) about a year ago. Her voice here has a middle eastern flavor to it at times, and then the “Little Sparrow” comes back.
Just beautiful.
Dernière Danse

Émilie Simon

Émilie Simon hails from Montpellier, Occitanie, France and she is a super talented singer, songwriter and composer of electronic music. Émilie is currently based in Paris or New York.

Fun Fact: Émilie Simon composed the original soundtrack for the documentary film La Marche de l’empereur (March of the Penguins), concerning the annual migration of emperor penguins. I really loved that movie, amazing birds. But sadly we did not hear that soundtrack in the states, they thought her soundtrack would be too challenging for the North American viewers. So now I have to track down a European version so I can hear it.

Émilie Simon has performed for audiences all over the world, from what I have seen on video it’s a “not to be missed” experience. So if she comes to your town, don’t miss it.

So let’s get to the music.

In this beautifully stylized video Émilie Simon flowers through the four seasons, singing along with them as they go. A great track with some great beats behind her awesome voice.
Fleur De Saison

Music video by Emilie Simon performing Fleur De Saison. (C) 2006 Barclay

While wandering around the amazing music Émilie Simon has made I came across various versions of her singing my favorite Chris Isaak song, and this live performance has to be my favorite. She really knows how to make this song even sexier.
Wicked Game

Extrait du Concert d’Emilie Simon à la Sirene ( La Rochelle 17 ) le 9 octobre 2014

There’s no details about where this wonderful performance occurred, suffice to say it is another exquisite show from Émilie Simon. Singing in English for this one, another reason to want to see her performing live. Wonderful.
Sweet Blossom

A little 50’s film noir for our enjoyment, the kind of thing Brigitte would have been in back in the day. A great song and a terrific movie. I love it.
Menteur (Liar)

Menteur, premier single extrait du nouvel album d’Emilie Simon « Mue »
Music video by Émilie Simon performing Menteur. (C) 2013 Barclay

There is just something about the sound of Jetaime from a French lady, and when you get three together je t’adore. Such a beautiful song.

“Jetaimejetaimejetaime (Bande Originale du film ”Quand je serai petit”)” by Émilie Simon

Gonna finish up today with a real gem the beautiful Émilie Simon and the handsome Chris Isaak with an awesome version of another of his great songs.
They certainly are together and the style comes naturally to her.
Blue Hotel