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Coincidence Bizarre

It’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle surrounded by a mystery who or what this band is.

They are called Coincidence Bizarre, that’s all we know.

In reality each individual member of Coincidence Bizarre is known to the media in Los Angeles but no one is revealing their true identities

Little is known of this West Coast collective except they like their drinks unfiltered, their fortunes untold, their identities unknown and their music bizarre.

Individually, each have made a unique stamp in the heart of the pulsating media world of Los Angeles. But besides an obscure website full of cryptic gypsy slang, there is little physical evidence that they even exist, save for their undeniable influences in various veins of entertainment (which, of course, are being kept under wraps).

Coincidence Bizarre‘s debut tracks, Invisible Man / Shapeshifter (due out May 12th), is an A and B side, but is also a premonition of sorts, alluding to how their heart-opening presence will enter your ears and transform your mind.

So now I’ve got your interest you just have to listen to this track. Very hip, reminiscent of Godley and Creme in some ways, but very much of the now. Unusual but hypnotic, let me know if you enjoy it. Certainly a welcome addition to my playlist.
Invisible Man

Kristin Hersh


Kristin Hersh is a Singer/Songwriter/guitarist/author not necessarily in that order. She has released over 20 records solo, with Throwing Muses and 50FOOTWAVE. She’s the author of an acclaimed memoir — based on her teenage diary — about a particularly eventful year, titled “Rat Girl” in the USA (published by Penguin), and titled “Paradoxical Undressing” in the UK (published by Atlantic Books). They do love fancy titles in the UK.

Her latest album is “Wyatt At The Coyote” which comprises a 2 CD and book combination.

‘Wyatt’ is an immersive experience through the use of photographs, illustrations, a collection of true stories, and songs of love and loss, reflecting Hersh’s humor with the pains and travails of a life spent in continual motion. Defined by potent guitars, addictive melodies and poignant lyrics, this release is a serious sign of strength and depth.

This is truly a solo album with Hersh not only writing and singing these songs, but also playing all instruments (including guitar, cello, horns, upright bass and piano and several instruments she built herself). She also incorporates found sounds into these recordings.

This first track is from Kristin Hersh‘s 2016 album, Wyatt At The Coyote Palace. And it’s just fuckin’ amazing. This is one young lady who can sang, and she plays the heck out of that there guitar. She starts you of so simply and then beats you around the head with it. Just awesome.
Soma Gone Slapstick

Video created by Orrin Anderson. Photography by Orrin Anderson and Ryder James.


Here’s a short film about Kristin inspired by her live multimedia performance project, “Paradoxical Undressing”. Best heard with good stereo headphone for the ultimate experience. I really dig this. Again with the guitar, beautiful.
Paradoxical Undressing

Directed by Jory Hull


You had me with the violins. Wandering through Kristin’s catalog is so much fun, problem is deciding which tunes to use. They are all so great.
Case in point this gem. Kristin’s amazing voice with that simply beautiful violin backing.
A Loon

‘A Loon’ comes from the ‘Strings’ EP of 1994, and also featured on 4AD’s Mail Order only video collection which came out in 2001. The original ‘A Loon’ was on Kristin’s ‘Hips and Makers’ album – this is a rework with strings.

? Alec Smart

Another great tune from Kristin, more wonderful guitar. This one really rocks along with a truly intriguing video. Kick back and enjoy, I did.

Video by Todd Perley for MeowMeow Productions


Kristin is joined by Michael Stipe for this beautiful piece.
Very dramatic use of cello and violin along with her guitar.
“You were in my dream
You were driving circles around me”
Just awesome, and the harmonies are spellbinding.
Your Ghost


We’ll end today on a live performance about ten days ago @Róisín Dubh, Galway, November 4, 2016. We get a reading and a song. The crowd seems to enjoy it as did I. A great finish to this post.
Sunray Venus


Jordan Reyne


I recently stumbled across this amazing young lady. I really like the divergence of her sounds. I’m a bit late to the party, but hopefully I can catch up.

Jordan Reyne is an experimental musician originally from New Zealand, now living in the UK. Jordan’s sound has been variously described as “industrial-tinged folk“ and “antipodean Steampunk” yet defies any cut and dried genre description. She combines the two usually disparate genres of folk and industrial, bringing in Celtic vocal melody, historically based narrative and the sounds of steam, iron and industrial “found sound”. Several of her releases are set in the time of the Industrial Revolution.

So that’s got the background filled in, let’s get to the music.

Where to start? Where to start?

I’ll let Jordan tell you about my first selection.

Birth Ritual is the first track from the EP trilogy “Maiden, Mother, Crone” and is a tale about the rituals surrounding the gender construct – how we learn to perform the dances required of us based on our physicality at birth. Jordan Reyne

This is a hypnotic all-encompassing track. With a very evocative video.
Love it.
Birth Ritual

Made entirely with archive footage purchased from Shuttterstock


Steampunk Goth at it’s finest. A truly out of the norm song.
I’m digging it.
The Washing Machine Song

City of Women Festival, Menza pri koritu @ AKC Metelkova City, Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 12, 2015


Once again we’ll let Jordan set the scene.

A tale of a man who refuses to pay the price for his choices, by attempting to avoid making any. Sadly, not choosing often turns out to be a choice of it’s own. Jordan Reyne
Jordan’s voice on this track is awesomely amazing.  Awesomely not sure if that is a word, but it is a feeling.
The Ferryman

A shadow puppet video made on almost zero budget, but with a lot of sellotape.
Music by Jordan Reyne
Story, set and character design by Jordan Reyne
Puppeteers Jordan Reyne & Alvin Chua


OK, this is my favorite track from Jordan. The percussion, the surrounding sound, that voice, the passion and the way the song progresses. Just Awesome. And a little bit scary, in a good way.
The Annihilation Sequence

The title track to the electronic industrial album “The Annihilation Sequence”.
Video by Chris Baker.


We’ll finish up with a beautiful live recording of the track “Don’t Look Down” filmed by Chris B during a web broadcast gig in Jordan’s flat at Studio 45. Jordan makes use of two Digitech Harman Jamman loop pedals to build up the vocal and guitar layers live.
I’ve always been a fan of looping, maybe because there is a computer involved but it is mainly the talent of the artist.
Don’t Look Down