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Astrid S

Today we have another stunning talent from Scandinavia.
Astrid Smeplass was born in the Rennebu municipality in Norway, known professionally as Astrid S, she is an extremely talented singer / songwriter.

Astrid S is starting a tour next month, first up two sold out concerts in New York and Los Angeles and then on to London which is probably sold out as well. And then on to Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Busy girl.

So let’s take a wander through this young ladies musical catalog, and for one so young it is extensive.

This stunning video was my introduction to the wonderful Astrid S, with a snappy electro-beat this is a song to set your feet tapping. Very cool.  This is Astrid’s latest single release.

Produced by Cherry Cobra
Director Cherry Cobra
Director of Photography Jallo Faber
Actors Rickard Tollstoy, Christer Wiklund, Jens Löfgren, David Nyberg
Graphics Cherry Cobra
Editing Linda Jildmalm
Music video by Astrid S performing Breathe.
(C) 2017 Universal Music A/S

This next one is taken from her debut EP “Astrid S”, another bright beautiful electro-beat and totally addictive. I’m guessing this was shot in Norway, the scenery is stunning.
Hurts So Good

Produced by NAIVE
Director Andreas Öhman
Producer Caroline Sandberg
Director of Photography Erik Vallsten
Production coordinator Alice Ängeby
Choreography Mari Raudsepp
Actor Philip Oros
Head of Graphics /VFX Oskar Gullstrand
Editing Andreas Öhman
Graphics /VFX assistant Oskar Järviken, Lovisa Lybeck, Nils Mattson
Grading Oskar Gullstrand/ Naive

Another stunning video, and another beautiful song. This young lady has definitely got me hooked on her sound. Just lovin’ this song.

Director: Hörður Sveinsson
Director: Helgi Jóhannsson
Producer: Atli Viðar Þorsteinsson
Director of Photography: Árni Filippusson
Focus Puller: Snorri Fairweather
Assistant Director: Haraldur Ari Karlsson
Choreography: Viktor Leifsson
Actor: Viktor Leifsson
Editor: Helgi Jóhannsson
Behind The Scenes Photographer: Birgitta Jeanne Sigursteinsdóttir

? Paulina Torbjörnsen

Back in 2013 at the tender age of 16 Astrid Smeplass appeared on the Norwegian version of “Idol”, she came in fifth which seems to be a good number. While on there she did an awesome version of this Dolly Parton classic, but with only 90 seconds it was a little hurried. And then I found this version at an open air concert in Allsang på Grensen. Prepare to have your heart broken.


Here’s a great acoustic song recorded live in the studio, a really cool song and a wonderful performance by Astrid. The more I hear her voice the more enraptured I am by her talent.

Recorded at Propeller Recordings, Oslo, Norway

? Robin Bøe

We’re gonna finish, as I frequently do, with a live version of the song we started with.
This is from a performance live on “Skavlan” in Sweden on Sveriges Television (SVT).



Creep by Radiohead, a truly beautiful song and pretty much all of the covers are better than the Radiohead version. That is not said as a knock on Radiohead, it’s just that the song is so good.

Well I’m back on my obsession with this beautiful song. At the bottom of the page you’ll find some links to hear more of my obsession.

So no real words needed, we just have to get to the music.

An awesome version by Brandi from an amazing concert.
Brandi Carlile,@ Floydfest, July 27, 2013 

Then there’s this unforgetable version from the then 17 year old Jena, one of Idol’s best graduates.
Jena Irene

A very sensitive version by a young lady who’s work I don’t know. I’ll have to resolve that problem. Love the soaring voice in the chorus.
Daniela Andrade

Photo by Richard E. Aaron/Redferns

Looks like maybe this one will stick around, unlike the various other versions I had featured in the past.
Prince at Coachella 2008

Uploaded via Permission from Radiohead & NPG Music Publishing

This is a truly beautiful version by the very talented Carrie. And just wait for the power section of this awesome song, the build up is fucking amazing. Wow!!!!
Carrie Manolakos


Another amazing version, a very different version I have to say.
A very powerful version.

The singer asked not to be featured but she’s incredibly talented and all my respect to her. Thanks for listening  KSHMR

This one is special. So fucking special. So very special. Wow!

Konzert vom 02.11.2013 in der Philharmonie Essen
Max Mutzke – Gesang
Miki Kekenj – Violine 1, Konzeption, Arrangement, Audio Mix
Natalia Sergeeva – Violine 2
Elizabeth Lubnow – Viola
Matthias Wehmer – Violoncello
Max Dommers – Kontrabass
Daniel Jösch – Kamera & Video Editing

First up I have to ask you to ignore the “Content Warning”, they still haven’t removed it, and there’s still no smut. So just ignore it.
So here’s some of the Creep posts on the old blog.
This one if from April 2015 and features
Jim Carrey, Kelly Clarkson, Haley Reinhart and Vintage Postmodern Jukebox, and Michelle Branch.
This is the second part from April 2015 and features
Macy Gray and David Choi, Karen Souza, What About Bill?, Tori Amos, Charlotte Gainsbourg & Johnny Depp, and Muse.
And finally one of my first Creep posts from 2008 featuring
Lukas Rossi, David Cook, Radiohead, Moby, Richard Cheese, Aco, and the Pretenders.

btw: Lukas Rossi was the first version I ever heard.

Subject: Photo of Lukas Rossi On 2011-03-25, at 3:15 PM, Cudmore, Doug wrote: Lukas Rossi. Handout pic Lukasvintage.jpg

Émilie Simon

Émilie Simon hails from Montpellier, Occitanie, France and she is a super talented singer, songwriter and composer of electronic music. Émilie is currently based in Paris or New York.

Fun Fact: Émilie Simon composed the original soundtrack for the documentary film La Marche de l’empereur (March of the Penguins), concerning the annual migration of emperor penguins. I really loved that movie, amazing birds. But sadly we did not hear that soundtrack in the states, they thought her soundtrack would be too challenging for the North American viewers. So now I have to track down a European version so I can hear it.

Émilie Simon has performed for audiences all over the world, from what I have seen on video it’s a “not to be missed” experience. So if she comes to your town, don’t miss it.

So let’s get to the music.

In this beautifully stylized video Émilie Simon flowers through the four seasons, singing along with them as they go. A great track with some great beats behind her awesome voice.
Fleur De Saison

Music video by Emilie Simon performing Fleur De Saison. (C) 2006 Barclay

While wandering around the amazing music Émilie Simon has made I came across various versions of her singing my favorite Chris Isaak song, and this live performance has to be my favorite. She really knows how to make this song even sexier.
Wicked Game

Extrait du Concert d’Emilie Simon à la Sirene ( La Rochelle 17 ) le 9 octobre 2014

There’s no details about where this wonderful performance occurred, suffice to say it is another exquisite show from Émilie Simon. Singing in English for this one, another reason to want to see her performing live. Wonderful.
Sweet Blossom

A little 50’s film noir for our enjoyment, the kind of thing Brigitte would have been in back in the day. A great song and a terrific movie. I love it.
Menteur (Liar)

Menteur, premier single extrait du nouvel album d’Emilie Simon « Mue »
Music video by Émilie Simon performing Menteur. (C) 2013 Barclay

There is just something about the sound of Jetaime from a French lady, and when you get three together je t’adore. Such a beautiful song.

“Jetaimejetaimejetaime (Bande Originale du film ”Quand je serai petit”)” by Émilie Simon

Gonna finish up today with a real gem the beautiful Émilie Simon and the handsome Chris Isaak with an awesome version of another of his great songs.
They certainly are together and the style comes naturally to her.
Blue Hotel