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Coincidence Bizarre

It’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle surrounded by a mystery who or what this band is.

They are called Coincidence Bizarre, that’s all we know.

In reality each individual member of Coincidence Bizarre is known to the media in Los Angeles but no one is revealing their true identities

Little is known of this West Coast collective except they like their drinks unfiltered, their fortunes untold, their identities unknown and their music bizarre.

Individually, each have made a unique stamp in the heart of the pulsating media world of Los Angeles. But besides an obscure website full of cryptic gypsy slang, there is little physical evidence that they even exist, save for their undeniable influences in various veins of entertainment (which, of course, are being kept under wraps).

Coincidence Bizarre‘s debut tracks, Invisible Man / Shapeshifter (due out May 12th), is an A and B side, but is also a premonition of sorts, alluding to how their heart-opening presence will enter your ears and transform your mind.

So now I’ve got your interest you just have to listen to this track. Very hip, reminiscent of Godley and Creme in some ways, but very much of the now. Unusual but hypnotic, let me know if you enjoy it. Certainly a welcome addition to my playlist.
Invisible Man

Sophie Ellis-Bextor


Sophie Ellis-Bextor of course needs no introduction.
But I was happy to hear there was a new album and boy is it a gem. It really lives up to her standards.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor previously announced on Facebook that the new album was inspired by her most recent visit to North America, particularly Mexico. It is titled “Familia”, a title that implied a close-knit family style. Sophie explained that the new album “was inspired by a few things, really, I wanted something with a Spanish or Italian feel.”

On the 20th July 2016, “Familia” became available to pre-order in the UK, with a release date of 2 September 2016. So if you don’t have it yet, why not?

The first single of the promotion is the song Come With Us , is a funky disco track that is absolutely enjoyable.

Come With Us


Whoa, how the time has flown since the first Sophie Ellis-Bextor album came out. Check out this cool interview with the lovely Sophie.
The Pool meets Sophie Ellis-Bextor: The Director’s Cut

The Pool speaks to musician Sophie Ellis-Bextor about her new album “Familia”, being a woman in music and the story behind her tattoo.


Now this is a wonderful pieced. Sophie Ellis-Bextor dropped into The Cwtch and performed a single off her brand new album “Familia”. Very simple acoustic guitar for background and the beautiful voice of the wonderful Sophie.


OK, so then I saw this great video, from the same session where Sophie performed an awesome version of a great hit from her first album, one of my all time favorites.
Murder on the Dance Floor


Mississippi Jones


As mentioned before on my old blog, links below, Mississippi Jones is a duo of Mississippi Jones and J@$. J@$ seems like a nice guy, but a bit retiring. They hail from the music hub of Seattle.

Well Mississippi Jones have a new album to be released September 6, 2016. And it sounds like a doozy, and you can listen to it right here. Then I expect you to follow the link and buy your own version. This album certainly stands up to the first, and maybe even surpasses it. Personally, I dig it. It’s a whole heaving heap of electronic proto-punk soul, and I mean that in the nicest way.

Continuum: II


This is the third track from that album, this was the initial version of the song from Mississippi. I think it cool to see the artistic progression a song goes through.
I also love the fact that you hear her voice in its purest form.


Something else to keep you going until you get that album.
This is a cute video, not sure what she has on her fingers.
This was their NPR Tiny Desk contest entry made with Google+ Hangout video. Definitely different, and totally cool.
Bring To Me


We’ll finish up with the fourth track from the album,  in its primeval version. Compare the two versions. Again I’m in love with both versions.
After the song Mississippi gives some background to the artistic evolution.
Away Away


As promised the links for Mississippi Jones on the old blog, as always please ignore the “Content Warning”. Nothing untoward there. One day Blogger will relieve me from this bloody warning.

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