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Mississippi Jones


As mentioned before on my old blog, links below, Mississippi Jones is a duo of Mississippi Jones and J@$. J@$ seems like a nice guy, but a bit retiring. They hail from the music hub of Seattle.

Well Mississippi Jones have a new album to be released September 6, 2016. And it sounds like a doozy, and you can listen to it right here. Then I expect you to follow the link and buy your own version. This album certainly stands up to the first, and maybe even surpasses it. Personally, I dig it. It’s a whole heaving heap of electronic proto-punk soul, and I mean that in the nicest way.

Continuum: II


This is the third track from that album, this was the initial version of the song from Mississippi. I think it cool to see the artistic progression a song goes through.
I also love the fact that you hear her voice in its purest form.


Something else to keep you going until you get that album.
This is a cute video, not sure what she has on her fingers.
This was their NPR Tiny Desk contest entry made with Google+ Hangout video. Definitely different, and totally cool.
Bring To Me


We’ll finish up with the fourth track from the album,  in its primeval version. Compare the two versions. Again I’m in love with both versions.
After the song Mississippi gives some background to the artistic evolution.
Away Away


As promised the links for Mississippi Jones on the old blog, as always please ignore the “Content Warning”. Nothing untoward there. One day Blogger will relieve me from this bloody warning.

November 2014

July 2015




Today we meet a very unusual young lady, with an awesome voice. Kerli Kõiv hails from Elva, Estonia. Like so many of the singers from the Nordic countries she just uses the one name, Kerli. She is a singer/songwriter/record producer.

Kerli has been singing for quite a while now and has evolved through various genres up to her current one of Transcendental Electronic Music. Kerli has written many songs for herself she also had two songs which she co-wrote for the album Utopia ~ “Skyscraper” and “I Feel Immortal” ~ that were later recorded by Demi Lovato and Tarja Turunen.

Me, personally I am liking her new persona. Oh and did I mention, she’s cute.

So enough of the background, as we always say, let’s get to the music.

On this first one let’s hear Kerli‘s drift on this awesome song.

“Diamond Hard is an audiovisual story about true strength and resilience. Appropriately, this is the first release for which I both produced the music and directed the video on my own, marking an important milestone in my journey as an artist.” ~ Kerli

That’s some journey, and some amazing music. Enjoy.
Diamond Hard

As with the videos from her earlier singles this year (“Feral Hearts” and “Blossom”), the video for “Diamond Hard” is heavily influenced by the nine months Kerli spent in the Estonian forest reconnecting with her roots and her native homeland’s rich culture. Filmed in the town of Loksa, just 50 km north of Tallinn, the imagery within the video alludes to a battle of light vs. dark over a person’s inner spirit and pulls from Estonian folklore and mythology to tell the tale.


Another sublime track, the vocals soar with some outstanding choral backing. One cannot help think of Björk when watching Kerli, but that is not a bad thing. Two amazing talents. The more I am seeing Kerli the more I am impressed by her talents.
“An ode to the plant kingdom, “Blossom” is not just a story of survival, but an audiovisual poem about thriving in the face of obstacles.”

Written by Kerli & Ago Teppand
Produced & Mixed by Ago Teppand
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck
Additional Production by Kerli
Additional Percussion by Kristjan Kallas
Choral arrangement by Kerli
Choir Vocals Ülenurme laulustuudio


In 2015, Kerli left Los Angeles where she had resided since 2008 and returned to her birthplace of Estonia. She sought solitude and the mythical tranquility that could only circulate throughout the lush forested landscapes among the animals, plants, and energies under the Eastern European moon where she first found inspiration as a child.

This deeply personal performance of “Feral Hearts” took place in the forests of Vimsi.

Kerli’s voice soars in this song, she goes through her range pretty much. It is a joy to listen to it.
Feral Hearts (The Sacred Forest Session)


Petra de Winter

? by Karianne

Petra de Winter is a wonderful singer who hails from The Hague, Netherlands. Petra is a singer, songwriter, in management at Chabliz. She is also a singer/songwriter/producer at Olsen Winter and Singer-songwriter at Chabliz. Petra also gives vocal workshops and vocal coaching to adults and children. I wonder when she gets time to sleep.

I posted this first video on my old blog a while back, but today being the 100 year anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Somme seemed like a fitting use of this beautiful song.
Petra is in wonderful voice and the full backing of the amazing Chabliz is perfection.

Poppies in Flanders Fields

Chabliz song about WW1 ( The Great War ), composed by Gerrit Vennema. The song starts as a jazzy ballad and ends with operatic Wagnerian rock. Chabliz singer Petra de Winter went to the WW1 battlefields in Belgium and France and read several books about the subject. Chabliz drummer Ap de Ree has a special interest in the historic military aspects of WW1. They were very impressed about what they saw on their trips to the battlefields and spoke about it with composer Gerrit Vennema, who got inspired. Gerrit read some books about the subject and composed this song. Chabliz arranged it and strangely they managed to catch the atmosphere of the big war graveyards in Belgium and France. This song is a tribute to all fallen soldiers, from all nationalities, especially in WW1. Composer Gerrit Vennema is a good friend of the band and gave his permission to promote this song at Soundcloud and other (social) media. John McCrae wrote the words in May 1915. He was one of the war poets, one of the soldiers who fought in WW1.

? by Ron van Varik

A strangely hypnotic re-write to a classic, a wonderful performance and the beautiful voice of Petra. What more could you ask for?
Brilliant, just brilliant.
Strange Fish

“Strange Fish” is an adaptation of the classic song “Strange Fruit”. We wrote new lyrics for this jazz standard, following the current situation of people fleeing war. This song is dedicated to all the refugees of war, and is our musical contribution to the political debate; a small, personal initiative of a few musicians.

“Strange Fruit” is originally written by Abel Meeropol (aka Lewis Allan) and sung by among others Billie Holiday and Nina Simone.
Singer-songwriter Petra de Winter wrote this adaptation of the lyrics, together with Richard Underscore. Lyrics-advice by Catself.

This is a live home recording, made by René ten Cate. Mixing and mastering by Mosound Productions.
Vocals: Petra de Winter. Piano : René ten Cate. Saxophone : Nicko Christiansen.

? by Karianne

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