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Just a quick post today, I’ve been sleeping on the job lately.  But I couldn’t resist this awesome song from a beautiful young lady. Which has “hit” written all over it.

Meet Bo Courvoisier, aka Bo who is a young singer / songwriter who hails from Toronto.

Bo says “When I get sad, I go to the desert to dance and cry a little. It’s very therapeutic.” which may explain part of this beautiful video.
She adds “Like most songs on my upcoming album ‘Wasting the Weekend’, the key ingredients to ‘Baby Come Back’ were vodka, Christmas lights, and heart-shaped sunglasses to cover my tears. The video was shot on location in Las Vegas, Nevada and is an homage to the grit and glory of old Vegas.”

You gotta love a girl in a convertible Mustang with an awesome voice. Bo is the girl in that Mustang.  Great song as well.  Enjoy.
Baby Come Back

Special thanks to Roger Medina
Titling & Colouring by The Cut Cartel
Music video by BO performing Baby Come Back.
© 2017 XOLOVEBO Inc.


Sofi Tukker

Sofi Tukker are Sophie and Tucker.
Extended version is Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern.
They are a couple of very talented artists based in New York. Tucker is originally from Boston, and Sophie was born in Germany she spent a few years in rural Canada, and then studied in Italy and Brazil. They met at an art gallery while attending Brown University, and the rest is history as they say.

So shall we get to the music?  Such amazing beautiful music it is too.

First up this song “Drinkee”, which is from the Soft Animals EP, was nominated for a 2017 Grammy for Best Dance Recording.
“Drinkee” is adapted from a poem written by the Brazilian poet, Chacal, sung sensually amidst cowbells, bongos, electric guitars and deep driving bass.
That said, this is a refreshing breath of fresh air through the musical hinterland.

Director & Animator: Sam Mason
Director of Photography: Matt Daniels
Production Company: Walter Pictures
Producer: Macha Tsarenkov

Another great track from the EP, I’m just lovin’ it. So, oh so, cool. Awooo Awooo.
Swans, chicks, peacocks, it’s all for the birds. But really those piercing blue eyes.
Awoo feat. Betta Lemme

Director & Animator: Sam Mason
Director of Photography: Sharon Meir
Production Company: Walter Pictures
Producer: Macha Tsarenkov and Adam Tate

I have to say that one of my favorite tracks from the “Soft Animals” EP is this catchy number.
It is another beautiful track that has so much going for it.

Matadora is the second single off their debut EP “Soft Animals”

So they are all great songs, let’s see how they do live. Here Sofi Tukker perform Drinkee in live concert for KCRW Summer Nights Concert Series at One Colorado in Pasadena, California on 06/04/2016. And it is delicious. Love love love it.

Live performance at ‘School Night!’ Bardot, Los Angeles. With the wonderful Betta Lemme.
I love to have the comparison between the live and the “Official Video” performance.
This is superb, if you have the chance to see them live, don’t miss it.
Awoo (feat. Betta Lemme)

Video by: Marco Curiel

Our final one today, a great live version of my aforementioned favorite from the EP.
And this performance does not disappoint.

Sofi Tukker performs Matadora in live concert for KCRW Summer Nights Concert Series at One Colorado in Pasadena, California on 06/04/2016.

More Sofi Tukker here.


Oh boy do we have an amazing talent for you today, she is from the Netherlands and at times she has a touch of that other fabulous Dutch singer Wende Snijders. But she is unique to herself.
Sevda Alizadeh, better known by her stage name Sevdaliza , is an Iranian-Dutch alternative R&B singer/songwriter.

Sevdaliza was born in Iran, but she moved with her family to the Netherlands when she was sixteen on a basketball scholarship, eventually playing on the Dutch national basketball team. She went to university, graduating with a master’s degree in communications.

She is renowned for her musical career, specially collaborating with Rotterdam-based producer Mucky. She released two extended plays The Suspended Kid and Children of Silk in 2015. Her debut album is scheduled to be released this year.

There is so much good stuff in her catalog that I have to take you on a little tour through her music. And this is going to be a treat for all.

First up we have a very striking and stylized video for an awesome song.
Sevdaliza is singing this for us all. Totally the bomb.

original music: Sevdaliza
produced by: Mucky
co-produced by: Sevdaliza
concept: Sevdaliza & Emmanuel Adjei
director: Emmanuel Adjei
director of Photography: Paul Ozgur
script: Marleen Ozgur
production company: Vigics
videoproducer: Felicity van Stroe & Linda Schager

Another beautiful dramatic video for an equally dramatic song.
The contrast of that deep bass beat and Sevdaliza’s soaring beautiful vocalizing is unique and awesome.
Marilyn Monroe

directed by Hirad Sab
concept by Hirad Sab and Sevdaliza

Where has this lady been all my life? She makes the kind of music I could live with forever, and her videos are a thing of beauty. The music is so different from practically everything else out there.
Sirens of the Caspian

composed by sevdaliza
produced by mucky

concept: Sevdaliza and Atlynn Vrolijk
directed by: Atlynn Vrolijk
produced by Sevdaliza
DOP: Nicolay Lima
edit: Atlynn Vrolijk and Dylan Ray Fenix
styling: Ilanka Verhoeven
camera assistent: Dylan Ray Fenix

? Zahra Reijs

And the gifts just keep coming, another artful video with a cool car and a beautiful lady.
Not to be confused with Backstreet Luv (Curved Air) this is one cool tune with some heavy beats and again the awesome voice of Sevdaliza. I believe we have finally found a replacement for Donna Summer in the sexy songs stakes.
Backseat Love

Concept by Sevdaliza
Directed by Lisette Donkersloot and Atlynn Vrolijk
DOP: Nicolay Lima
Production: Sevdaliza
Edit: Lisette Donkersloot
Grading: Nicolay Lima
Styling: Ilanka Verhoeven

Sevdaliza sounds more vulnerable here than on any other track I’ve heard so far. But don’t be that other girl, we love you just as you are. Another beautifully crafted video.
That other girl

concept by Sevdaliza and Pussykrew
directed by Pussykrew
produced by Pussykrew
written by Sevdaliza
music produced by Mucky
music co-produced by Sevdaliza

Wow! No two videos the same, not even close. Another great track from Sevdaliza, plenty of deep bass and sparkly musical sprinkles in this one. Plus that hypnotic voice. We won’t cry.
The Valley

directed by zahra reijs
edit & production by sevdaliza
styling by sevdaliza
mua celine bernaerts
written by sevdaliza
music programmed by mucky
co-programmed by sevdaliza

“and when you’re in need of sight to survive. remember, it was you who broke the glasses, blinded by rage.”
Very cryptic, very deep. Another brilliant song / video from Sevdaliza.
Clear Air

concept by sevdaliza
directed by gino gervaes
produced by sevdaliza
art direction by atlynn vrolijk
edit by lisette donkersloot

Finally today I’m gonna leave you with a true experience. Here’s Sevdaliza live at Best Kept Secret 2016 which is a music festival in the Netherlands. And just FYI Best Kept Secret 2017 is already sold out.
Such pure beautiful vocals.