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Jarina De Marco

Something to cheer you up for Friday the 13th. An awesome Brooklyn based talent from the islands.

Jarina De Marco was born in the Dominican Republic, traveled the world as a child with her Dominican mother Irka Mateo (noted musician and folkloric researcher) and Brazilian father Tadeu De Marco (composer and band leader).
Growing up in Santo Domingo, Montreal, Brazil and finally Brooklyn, Jarina brings these diverse cultures together in her original Folkloric Tropical Pop.
Jarina De Marco is a very talented singer / songwriter pursuing her craft by writing and singing in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Oh, and did I mention she is cute.

But let’s get to the music, and boy do we have some awesome music for you today.

For the first track I’ll let Jarina fill in the background.

Jarina De Marco: A “Tigre” or “Tiguere” in Dominican slang that can mean several things: A hustler, a shark, a trouble maker but to me (and in this song) it means Fuckboi. Every woman in the world can spot a “Tigre.” He’s that guy on the corner, with nothing to do, catcalling up a storm when you walk by. He’s that lip-licking, habitual line-stepping pendejo that quite frankly should know better at this point in time (seriously, when does cat-calling ever work?? like really…when?). In “Tigre,” I’m recognizing him, calling him out and eye-rolling him into oblivion.

This is one amazing and beautiful track I’m really digging this one.
Tigre (From The Broad City Soundtrack)

Directed by Weston Getto Allen & Michael Zarowny
Produced by Dorian Electra
Edited by Weston Getto Allen
Cinematography by Kelsey Talton
Art Directed by Elise Mesner
Styled by DISCOS
Makeup by Allison McGillicuddy
Hair by Christina Trammell
Production Assistants: Danin Jacquay, Mimi Raver, Cara Salimando

The first verse is a definite tip of the hat to Screaming Jay Hawkins, after that it is all Jarina De Marco. That voice, that beat, that scary video (kidding) all in all something really delicious and a meander into electro swing with a touch of the islands. Oh and West Side Story creeps in a tad.
Spell on you

Director: Pablo Lozano
Music: Michael Moog, Calvin Gaines, Rhano Burrell

All funds and proceeds from this song and video will go to Stand With Standing Rock to help lower the cost of legal fees, supplies, and anything else the Water Protectors need to continue the fight, please share and donate.
Oh and the music is amazing as well. Enjoy and donate.
Release The Hounds (Stand with Standing Rock)

Directed by Mikki Willis
Produced by Cameron Bartolini
Video produced by Jarina De Marco and Esthero
Edited by Gabriel Valda
Production assistants: Ron Walker, Sue Kim, Theresa Heyer
Alexander Hankoff- camera
Jerad Hobaugh – camera
Sam gall – camera
Jackstar Davies – camera

Special thanks – Thrive Market
Shot at Civic Center Studios. Special thanks to Pete Galindo, and Jonny Kapps.

Well we have to close but I’ve got those iceys, couldn’t find an “official” video but really love the song. Enjoy.
Para Navegar

animação: André S.Lima

? Daniela Vesco Photography

Here’s some more music you can stream from Jarina De Marco.

Leyla McCalla

Leyla McCalla - A Day for The Hunter, A Day for the Prey (636px)

Although both her parents are from Haiti Leyla McCalla was born in New York City and raised in New Jersey. She lived in Accra, Ghana for two years as a teen and she now lives in New Orleans.
She was a cellist with the band Carolina Chocolate Drops but left to focus on her solo career.
The mix of these cultures has to be a huge influence on her music.

So we have the background let’s get to the music, and what sublime music it is.

This first song’s title is taken from a proverb in Leyla’s ancestral homeland of Haiti – a country that has had, since time immemorial, the worst of luck of almost any country in the world.
A Day For The Hunter, A Day For The Prey


This track, not a Neil Young cover, is one beautiful song. Asks so many questions. I just love the sounds she pulls or plucks out of her cello.
Leyla’s vocal, as always, is poignant and beautifully understated.

Heart of Gold


Leyla McCalla with her group, and on this one she is playing the banjo.
But don’t be fooled, this is a real down home blues.
Recorded Live: 4/11/2016 – Rockwood Music Hall – New York, NY
Love Again Blues


We’ll close with this set by the Leyla McKella Trio in their Official Showcase at the 2016 International Folk Alliance in Kansas City earlier this year.


The Carolina Chocolate Drops made a couple of posts on the old blog.
As always please ignore the fictional “Content Warning”.

February 2010 and June 2010