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Signe Eide

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You have to remember Signe Eide from my post late last year, she’s the Norwegian songbird who thrilled us all with her songwriting and her vocals. It was she who introduced us to the Nordic Pop Noir style.

She is certainly getting around lately, recently she appeared at SXSW and this Thursday she is going to be at the Piknik i Parken 2017 at the wonderful Frognerparken and Vigeland-musset in Oslo. I loved that park, when I used to live there it was a favorite spot.

Meantime I have been keeping an eye open for any new releases and lucky us I have found a new release.

SIgne Eide has just released her new single which I am currently enjoying to no end.
Signe tells me “This was recorded spontaneously in one day in Greenpoint, NYC after returning from playing at SXSW festival.”
Signe is back in form, not that she ever wasn’t, as my favorite purveyor of Nordic Pop Noir and now with an added touch of Americana. Must be that SXSW rubbing off on her.

Release date 16.06.2017
Schnux Records
Producer: Shane O’Connell, Signe Eide
All instruments by Signe Eide & Shane O’Connell
Braund Studios, Greenpoint/Brooklyn, NYC 21.03.2017
Additional mix: BowLar Apartments by Bowitz/Larsen
Mastering: Martin Bowitz, Strype Audio.

And then, after further searching I found this gem, released about eight hours ago. A live performance, in Oslo, in a Sofar recording. They do a great job with their recordings of newer talent.
Signe in full power voice on this track at times, and yet still has time to include the amazing vibrato.  I am really enjoying this track, the title track from her most recent EP.

Filmed by: Richard Ashton
Edited by: Henrik Soeberg


On the previous post i featured a pre-release copy of this track, at the time I said “It is beautiful in its despair”, I think I’ll stick by that. It truly is beautiful.
This is a live version @ SubScene Oslo with Elice Sauge, Alice Lewin, Mathilde Degland & Torkel Skaug.
I am Fever

(c) 2015


Talking of that album, Simple / Heavy, you should really check it out and here is your chance.
Simple / Heavy


Joanne Shaw Taylor

Time for some blues with a very talented singer/songwriter and awesome blues guitar player, Ms Joanne Shaw Taylor.
Joanne is from Wednesbury in the Black Country, England, and was inspired in her early teens to play the blues after hearing Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins and Jimi Hendrix.
And man does she play the blues.

Joanne Shaw Taylor is one of these rare musicians. Her soulful voice embodies the blues narrative. The way she bleeds emotions through her guitar strings is masterful. Add her knack for engaging, heartfelt songwriting, and you have a musical force demanding – and deserving – attention.
Excellent smokey voice and in my opinion one of the best guitarist to come out of Great Britain, in fact she is world-class.
I don’t know who to ascribe these comments too, but I concur with his sentiments.

Let’s take a little wander through her recent catalog.

First up this gem.
Wow! This track has totally blown me away, such a beautiful, soulful, sexy vocal by Ms Joanne, I’m in love (musically) with her amazing talent. This rendition of a song that David Bowie turned into a classic is unbeatable. And the video clip is something else, courtesy Olja. This is a track from Joanne’s latest album, Wild, make sure you get a copy.

Wild is the Wind

“Wild Is the Wind” is a song written by Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington. The track was originally recorded by Johnny Mathis for the 1957 film Wild Is the Wind.

Another great track from the new album. The blues is strong tonight, you can tell from this track and the title track that this is going to be an awesome album.
No Reason To Stay

“A Dazzling Talent” – Jools Holland
“A superstar in the making” – The Express
“Killer licks and soaring solos” – Sunday Times
“Making blues rock cool again” – Sunday Mirror

? Stephen Fourie

This is in a Henry Westons Sessions exclusive – backstage at the 2016 Cheltenham Jazz Festival where Joanne performs wonders with this Prince classic. I loved the Sinéad O’Connor version, but this is way different and I love love this version. Just Joanne Shaw Taylor and a guitar, brilliant.
Nothing Compares 2 U


File under your “did you know” folder, there are over 25,000 recordings of “Summertime”.
Yes, that many and yet there are a couple that stand out, Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Company, and Billie Holiday. Well move over, there’s a new girl in town. Add this beautiful soulful version to the stand outs. Simply awesome.


“Summertime” is an aria composed in 1934 by George Gershwin for the 1935 opera Porgy and Bess. The lyrics are by DuBose Heyward, the author of the novel Porgy on which the opera was based, although the song is also co-credited to Ira Gershwin by ASCAP.

An appearance on Later… with Jools Holland – BBC Two produces a dark driving blues performance. No matter the place and time Joanne Shaw Taylor will always be there and produce.
An amazing beautiful talent. Man this rocks.
Dyin’ To Know

Later… with Jools Holland

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As I frequently do, here’s a live version of the song we started with. This is a previously unseen performance from her Planet Rock live session last year. Just as awesome as the album version. This young ladies talent is amazing. Still in love with her. Her guitar playing on this is just superb.
Wild is the wind

Add this to the list of classic versions of this song.

I first featured Joanne Shaw Taylor back in 2010 on the old blog, ignore the warnings and go check her out here for some more background, and some tunes.

Kerrie Sweeney

Some great sounds from down under. Should I say some great blues sounds. If you’ve been here before you know I am very partial to female blues singers, and this young lady can surely sing the blues.

Kerrie Sweeney hails from Wollongong, a place that ranks second to my favorite Australian place-name, Wangaratta. They both roll of the tongue so beautifully.

Kerrie Sweeney has recently returned to the music scene after a long absence. Kerrie has won a swag of awards during her musical career as a blues and soul singer /songwriter /entertainer including her first award Best New Female Artist at the Australian Blues Music Awards in 1998.

Kerrie is currently working with members of the fabulous ‘FINN Band’ a well-respected group of musicians that have been working in and around Sydney for over 20 years. And is currently recording her next CD with the guys due for release in September 2017.

While we are waiting for that CD let’s take a stroll through her catalog of awesome live blues.

This is a hot of the presses video, just dropped on YouTube.
Here’s Kerrie in fine voice as part of the Women of Blues and Soul Showcase @ Corrimal RSL.
And boy does Kerrie have blues and soul sewed up.
Sooner or Later

Supporting Women in Blues – NSW


Kerrie and the WBC House Band giving a fine rendition of the Stevie Ray classic. Jason providing sterling lead guitar and Kerrie gives us the voice.
The Sky Is Cryin’

Kerrie Sweeney & The WBC House Band
Kerrie Sweeney ~ vocals, Jason Brett ~ guitar, Marty ‘Squid Eye’ Maloney ~ drums
Ron Ind ~ harmonica, Lawrence Davis ~ bass, Guy Munro ~ Guitar


Keep the blues live, yeah man it’s the only way.
Here’s Kerrie, but this time with the Old Mate Blues Band, still at the Wollongong Blues Club, still down under. Sharing the vocals with Toni Cini. Sounds like a good night was had by all.
Rock Me Baby

Guy Munro (guitar); Nathan Freeman (bass); Pete Burns (drums);Dave “Spotty” Schmidt (harp/vocals/guitar);Jason Brett (guitar);Kerrie Sweeney (vocals);Ron Ind (harp);Toni Cini (vocals);Mark Brett (guitar)


Finally today, as we already know, this young lady sure can sing the blues. Here she is again still @ the Wollongong Blues Club. Back again in fine voice with the WBC House Band.
Same Old Baby

Kerrie Sweeney & The WBC House Band
Kerrie Sweeney ~ vocals, Jason Brett ~ guitar, Marty ‘Squid Eye’ Maloney ~ drums
Ron Ind ~ harmonica, Lawrence Davis ~ bass, Guy Munro ~ guitar