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Amadeus Electric Quartet

Today we are featuring the hottest band in Europe, they are the Amadeus Electric Quartet , and they hail from Bucharest, Romania.

There is definitely something that attracts me to a group of beautiful, talented women with strings attached. And the Amadeus Electric Quartet certainly fits that bill.

Challenging on the same stage contradictory music styles – Classical, Fusion, Pop, Balkan, Bossa Nova, Jazz – Andreea, Patricia, Naomi and Bianca managed to break patterns in 2000 and become one of the most original bands in Europe. The fresh musical style, the virtuosity and the energy on stage earned the band a fast growing fan base, hundreds of concerts all over the world and 6 albums with original music sold out in the 15 years since the band’s formation.

Amadeus Electric Quartet are:
Andreea Runceanu – violin
Bianca Gavrilescu – violin
Patricia Cimpoiasu – cello
Naomi Anelis – piano

This is their new single “Earth Song” it is their tribute to Mother Nature, their home. This music video was filmed in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains, Ciucas Peak, Lake Saint Ana, Bucegi Mountains, Dobrogea.
Romania is beautiful! As is this piece of music, it certainly captures the beauty of the countryside.
Earth Song

Video directed, filmed and edited by GT Production.
This is an original song written for Amadeus by Xenti Runceanu, our amazing composer and music producer.

Oh my oh my, this is just too beautiful for words. The scenery, the ambiance, the beautiful young ladies and the beautiful music. Just enjoy, there are no more words.
She’s The One

Video : George Mihailescu
Instrumental arrangement : Xenti Runceanu
Composers : Robbie Williams, John Barry, Leslie Bricusse, Guy Chambers, Karl Wallinger
Mix & mastering : Cătălin Gușă
Ballet dancer : Cosmina Dinu
Production / Photography : Robert Marooni

Here they have a full orchestra lurking behind them, out of sight, and they produce a stunning and stirring rendition of one of the great arias from my favorite opera.
Carmen (Habanera)

Musical director : Xenti Runceanu ;
Video / Lights / Video Edit : OnScreen ;
Choreography : Andreea Meiros
Special Effects : Best Event ;
Photography : Robert Marooni ;
Project & Tour Management : Marius Beju.
Thank you for your support : Biavati Events Bucharest, Ingenium Media and Cristina Ionescu.

? Paul Buciuta

Storm a decidedly different version of the Four Seasons by A. Vivaldi performed by the Amadeus Electric String Quartet. You almost hear a touch of AC/DC Thunderstruck This one really rocks.

Performance at Mitsubishi Attrage launch event in Cairo, Egypt.
We thank Constantin Simion, Serban Tamasanu, Digital Workshop, Alaa El Saadany, Diamond Motors & Mitsubishi Motors for this video!

This is an instrumental cover of the song by Adila Sedraia/Pascal Koeu. A beautiful cover I must say. They don’t give us the name of the city, and it’s not one I recognise. But it looks cool.
Dernière Danse

Instrumental arrangement is written by Xenti Runceanu and it is recorded in his studio.
Video is directed, filmed & edited by George Mihailescu.

Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra

? Laura Soriano

I have kind of followed the progress of the Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra a little bit over the years and was shocked to hear they were no more.

Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra (BGKO) was a project founded by clarinetist Robindro Nikolic and accordionist Mattia Schirosa. The project existed from year 2012 – 2015 creating great success while performing in Barcelona and most European countries. The last concert of BGKO was performed at Vienna KLEZMORE festival on the 8th of November 2015.

Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra were

Sandra Sangiao (Vocals – Catalunya)
Robindro Nikolic (Clarinet – Serbia/India)
Mattia Schirosa (Accordeon – Italy)
Julien Chanal (Guitar – France)
Ivan Kovacevic (Double Bass – Serbia)
Stelios Togias (Percussion – Greece)
Vroni Schnattinger (Violin – Germany)

They made such beautiful and vibrant music. A combination to my mind of Gipsy Klezmer sound and Gipsy Swing ala Django Reinhardt.

So while they are still in our minds I have to feature some of their greatest tracks.

Djelem Djelem

? Jordi Oliver

Next up a  really happy piece of Gipsy joy. You may not understand a word, like me, but I’m sure you will enjoy it.
Cigani Ljubiat Pesnji

‘Cigani Ljubiat Pesnji’ es una canción tradicional rusa y gitana interpretada por la BGKO.


What you say? You’re heading says Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra, and so it does. Well that’s the great news Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra is now Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra. So do we want to hear the new version?
Of course we do.

What I love about their music is that it is influenced by so many different sounds from the different areas of Europe and Asia. Also many different genres of music and multiple and diverse instrumentation. It’s a joy to listen to it.
Lule Lule

Videoclip made by:
Teo Campos
Bruno Amaral Pereira
Kalapa Studio

Filmed in:
El Otto – Espacio de creación de circo y teatro (Barcelona)


Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra is:
Mattia Schirosa (accordion, Italy)
Sandra Sangiao (voice, Spain)
Ivan Kovacevic (double bass, Serbia)
Stelios Togias (percussion, Greece)
Julien Chanal (guitar, France)
Joaquín Sánchez Gil (clarinet, Spain)
Oleksandr Sora (violin, Ukraine)

And here’s our final track for the day. A rousing happy tune performed live at the railway station in Vilnius. Long may they rock out.
Od Ebra do Dunava