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Rachel Mason

? Matthew Spiegelman

Touted as “one of the most creative forces in the world” by Impose Magazine, Mason is best known in music circles for delivering fantastical narratives which interweave musical, theatrical and narrative elements into unexpected operatic journeys. She is also blessed with an awesome voice.

Rachel Mason has a new album to be released this month.
Comprised of eight tracks, the ‘Das Ram’ album conveys the stories of specific characters who define and delight in their own realities and cosmologies. Individuals who create their own world views, their own religions, and fantasy lives. “Das Ram” is an inversion of the name of renowned healer Ram Dass, and also a play on Mason’s own initials, Rachel Ann Mason. The tracks were produced by Los Angeles based writer, artist and musician Jeff Hassay.

This is the second single from her forthcoming ‘Das Ram’ LP, entitled ‘Heart Explodes’. The video is both metaphorically relevant and creepy, as is her commentary on the motivation behind this song.
‘Heart Explodes’ is a metaphor for allowing oneself the freedom to destroy one’s old identity and to find a new paradigm from which to dream. ”Women are often offered a set of limitations from an early age, and these restrictions determine so much of one’s destiny. Yet, there can be great things that arise from limitation, but controlling one’s own set of rules, one’s own box, one’s own destiny is the key,” explains Rachel Mason.
Heart Explodes

Directors: Rachel Mason and Aksel Stasny
Executive Producer: Dmitriy Ivolgin
Producer: Aksel Stasny
Director of Photography: Aksel Stasny
Music Production and Engineering: Jeff Hassey


This was the first single from the album ‘Das Ram’.
A totally confusing, enjoyable, amazing video.
One that you will have to view many times to understand it.
Tigers In the Dark

Directed by Matthew Spiegelman
Choreography by Haylee Nichele,
Song by Rachel Mason and Jeff Hassay
Lyrics by Rachel Mason
Costume and Makeup by Rachel Mason


In addition Rachel Mason has recorded 13 albums and created many music videos. Her feature film The Lives of Hamilton Fish toured the world in 2015 and recently released on VOD. Mason has exhibited her visual art and performance work at museums, film and performance festivals internationally and at many of the country’s leading art galleries.
Here’s one of the songs from The Lives of Hamilton Fish for your enjoyment.
The White Crow

The White Crow is a song from the epic indie opera film and album, “The Lives of Hamilton Fish.”
In this scene “the White Crow” visits Hamilton Fish II in order to help him hear the voice of his dead wife. The scene was shot at the Morris-Jumel mansion, former home of Aaron Burr.
Theodore Bouloukos- Hamilton Fish II
Vincent Cooper- Leonora Piper aka “The White Crow”


OK, to finish up here’s a treat for you.
Check out the upcoming album.
Das Ram




Brodka is a very talented singer / songwriter from Żywiec , Poland. And trust me you are going to hear a lot more from this young lady.

“Monika Brodka isn’t like many Pop Idol winners. After winning the Polish edition of the singing contest in 2004 (aged just 16 at the time), Brodka rose to become of the country’s biggest and most beloved pop stars, releasing two certified gold albums over the next two years. After a brief hiatus, she re-emerged in 2010 with her third album Granda, her most critically revered and commercially successful full-length to date. Granda was an expansive album that merged alt-rock and electronic composition with traditional Polish instrumentation inspired by her father, a travelling musician. It went double platinum in her home country and illustrated why Brodka was one of Poland’s most unique talents.”

This year Brodka released “Clashes”, her first English language album. Written around her international travels and recorded between Warsaw and New York, the album trips through spiritual rock music, orchestral pop, primal folk, scuzzy punk, and top-notch balladry.

So now we know all that, let’s get to the music.

First up Brodka’s new single release which starts of by briefly vocally reminding me of Kate Bush, but from then on it’s all Brodka. This is a great pop song by all standards. I’m really digging it.
Up In The Hill

Concept by: Brodka
Directed by: Brodka
Director of Photography: Robert Mleczko
Produced by: Jarek Bolinski / Propeller Film
Production Manager: Grzegorz Wyrebiak
Set design: Anna Szczesny


A beautiful song, with a surreal video which appears to be totally unrelated to the song. But that is good because it makes you watch it more to find the link.

Concept: Bzymek & Brodka
Directed by Zbigniew Bzymek
Director of Photography: Radek Ladczuk
Produced by: Jarek Bolinski / Propeller Film
Production Manager: Grzegorz Wyrebiak


There is a distinct warmth in Brodka’s voice here, a brilliant traveling piece. Walking pop as in walking blues. A very unique piece, and another very strange video. Love it.
Santa Muerte

Atsushi Takenouchi
Monika Brodka

Concept: Monika Brodka
Directed by Monika Brodka
Director of Photography: Marek Kozakiewicz
Editor: Kuba Tomaszewicz
Produced by: Jarek Bolinski / Propeller Film


And this is just for me, because I am such a fan of the song.
Brodka is in great form here, and I would compare this version with the Grace Jones version and it would hold its own. This is an earlier track, I believe she was only sixteen when she cut this track, just amazing.
Too cool.


Wow, keeping the tradition going I’m able to post the opening song again but this time in a live version. I think her voice sounds even better live.
This was from a performance @ 3-Majówka we Wrocławiu which is the first open air festival each year in Poland.
Up In The Hill


Petite Meller


Today just time for a quick update on the really cool Petite Meller, she was featured on the old blog last year.

Since that time she has released a new album, Lil Empire, and it is time to share some of the tracks with you.

First up, a terrific song that really gets your feet tapping, and Petite Meller in top form vocally. A very interesting video, albeit a bit strange.
The Flute

Directors – A.T.Mann and Napoleon Habeica
Producer – Mind’s Eye / Jonny Kight


A pink milk bath has Petite Meller with a pure piece of Scandinavian pop, I know she’s French but this just has Abba written all over it. Very catchy chorus with a cool video.
Milk Bath

Director – A.T.Mann
DOP – Håvard Byrkjeland


Here’s some more of that great le Nuvo Jazzy Pop confection for your delight. I’m pretty sure this one was shot in Florida.

Produced in association with Advanced Media, Universal Music Group

? Stephanie Lou

Finally today, another track from her great album Lil Empire.
Just audio this time, but beautiful audio it is.

℗ 2016 Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited
Bass Guitar: Justin Parker
Producer, Guitar: Fred Ball
Vocals: Petite Meller
Background Vocalist: Kwame Ogoo
Background Vocalist: Chenai Zinyuko
Additional Vocals: Milo Ball
Additional Vocals: Scarlett Wyatt
Percussion: Adam ‘Smiley’ Wade
Mixer: Wez Clarke

? David Bellemere