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Babe Punch

? Jessica-Rose Lena

Meet Babe Punch. An alternative rock band from the Nottingham/Derby area in the UK.
They are still in their late teens so they have plenty of energy to burn off.

With their grunge and punk influences, they have been described as having a “venomous and angry sound” and making “a racket that goes way beyond their years”.
Babe Punch are:
Molly Godber (vocals)
Carys Jones (guitarist)
Miles Cooke (guitarist)
Abbie Roberts (bassist)
Adam Fletcher (drummer)

And they certainly live up to the name, when you first hear their sound you will certainly feel the punch. The Babe Punch that it is.

Time to check out the music, enough of the background.

So here it is. Your new favorite band. Hailing from the Midlands, pop-punksters Babe Punch are about to unleash their debut single ‘Control’ this July 7th – a riotous and confident belter of a song from the teenagers, that has already led them on to stages that include the Y Not and Dot To Dot Festivals.

And you are in luck, I have an advance sneak peak chance for you to listen to it. It’s simply amazing.

? James Robert Birtwhistle

Check this out, @ Nottingham Trent University Students Union, Nottingham on 28th May 2017 Babe Punch destroys Chris Isaac classic, but in a good way.
Enjoy it and I bet you can’t keep your feet still.
Wicked Game

Let’s check out an earlier appearance at Future Session studios. This was a couple of years ago and at that time the line up was Molly Godber, Carys Jones, Abbie Roberts, Erica Hardy Fry and Adam Fletcher. Young wild and full of teen energy and guitar shredding skills.
Second Hand Slave & Drain

Filmed at the Notts TV studios on 25th November 2015.
Director: Paul Wallis
Video: Alon Gani, Amy Bettney, Jon Cooke, Stephen Jones
Audio: Ben Hickingbottom, Joni Butley, Ryan Prokaza
Editor and Audio Post: Paul Wallis
Production Manager: Sam Nahirny
Production Assistant: Katie Beard
Presenter: Mark Del


And we’ll close with Babe Punch performing live at Rough Trade Nottingham as part of the Hockley Hustle,  it is a shortened version of their new single as featured at the top of this post.


Gracie and Rachel

What an awesome duo I have for you today. Gracie and Rachel hail from Berkeley, California.
Nowadays they are based in Brooklyn, New York.
Gracie and Rachel are Gracie Coates (lead vocals, piano) and Rachel Ruggles (violin, vocals).

Orchestral pop piano-violin duo, Gracie and Rachel, crafts intricate tunes combining classical string elements with haunting, fierce vocals, augmented by sparse but powerful percussion. Tiptoe EP is a preview of their upcoming debut LP. Their music is a heartfelt glimpse into two passionate females’ unpredictable take on the powers that be. “With the turbulent strings of Regina Spektor paired to the orchestral chamber pop of Bat for Lashes, Tiptoe is both beautiful and unsettling…” -Baeble Music

They recently released the EP, Tiptoe. You can get your very own copy at Noisetrade.
This is a teaser for their upcoming full album, for which I’m waiting with bated breath. The EP is so awesome that the album is going to be mind-blowing.

So, do you want to hear some of it? You know you do, let’s wander around their music.

First up this wonderful choral arrangement of a rap song, dripping with polyphony. I understand that Kreayshawn is their hometown hero. To quote Gracie: She really is a badass lady who is not afraid to speak her mind and have fun doing so, and I think we could all learn a lot from women like her right now. She has the swag and it’s pumping out of her ovaries, you know?”
Above and beyond that, they have produced an amazing track that I will be playing for a long time.
Gucci Gucci (Kreayshawn Cover)

Gracie and Rachel’s choral arrangement of Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci”
Filmed and edited by Ian Schneider

This is a beautiful track, wonderful vocals and the delicate violin stylings. Complete with an intriguing video. Such an evocative sound. This is the second track on their awesome new EP, Tiptoe.

Music by Gracie and Rachel
Filmed and directed by Sam Margevicius.

I do love their videos, so simply presented in black and white, but so much thought has gone into them. They are little cinematic gems. And the music, so sublime. I really love this track.

Music by Gracie and Rachel
Filmed and edited by Michael McQuilken and Graham E. Burns
Song produced by Garrett Eaton

Another great Sofar performance, this time the New York branch. They do such a great job presenting the artist in the best possible way. And of course Gracie and Rachel are up to the task. Another amazing song from their repertoire.
Only A Child

Filmed by: AJ Giambrone, Matt Goldman & Joyce Zhao
Edited by: AJ Giambrone
Audio by: Justin Boyd & Lucy Krakow

? Tammy Jean Lamoureux

OK, to finish up here today, another live performance. This time a Balcony TV production from Los Angeles, on a chilly evening. Balcony TV is another great presenter of talent. Love this production. This is a song included above, but I just needed to hear the live version. And a brilliant performance by both windswept young ladies, and their drummer/producer. Great to also hear some background on the upcoming album.

Producer/Talent Booker: Cindi Avnet
Videographer: Alissa Nardo
Recorded/Mixed By: Art Martinez
PA: Alissa Nardo

? L’amour de la photo


Here’s a wonderful treat for you today a few tracks from a great sounding group from the UK.  Welcome Miccoli.
Miccoli, their name taken from the sibling trio’s surname, formed in 2010 after spending most of their childhood studying and making music. Growing up in Birmingham, England, they were brought up listening to Simon and Garfunkel, Don Mclean, The Police, Fleetwood Mac and the sounds of Motown, to name just a few of their diverse musical influences.
Twin brothers Adriano (vocal and acoustic/electric guitar) Alessandro (piano, vocal and acoustic guitar) and their younger sister Francesca (vocal, piano and harmonica) have toured extensively, giving the band the opportunity to explore their musical identity and fine tune their live set – a compelling blend of haunting, melodic and eclectic sounds, interlaced with breathtaking harmonies.
So, do we want to hear some music?  You betcha.
First up their awesome beautiful new single, Idle Stranger, a true gem from the opening chords.  The harmonies are gentle and sublime, the backing instrumentation is so good it’s surreal.  Chill inducing sounds all through this track.  Beautifully filmed in Venice, Italy this is a video to savour. This track has the promise to become a number one hit.
Idle Stranger

More photos from Venice

I do like to hear new bands cover other artists songs, and I always say if you are going to do it, pick a great song and do it well.  Miccoli more than do that, they take this Fleetwood Mac classic and totally own it.  They impart a very different feel into this beautiful track. I just love it.

Here’s another great song, beautifully sung by Miccoli. Their harmonies as always sublime. This young group really deserve to go far if they keep producing awesome music like this.
All My Life

All My Life Video by Concepts Communications

One last cover, this is the Tracy Chapman classic re-imagined Miccoli style.  I remember when Tracy Chapman first released this song, we were all astounded by such a great song from a new young talent.  It blew up the charts.  And this version gives the same impression, a worthy do over for a classic song.
Fast Car

Finally today a bitter-sweet (too short) teaser for their forthcoming album to be released later this year.