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Tei Shi


Tei Shi is the nom de guerre of Valerie Teicher who hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina.          Tei Shi is an indie pop singer-songwriter and producer.
She is currently based in Brooklyn.

Tei Shi has a beautiful voice as well as mad looping skills, hence the amazing music she produces.

The Fader stated that she is “known for making whisper-y, slow and sensual bedroom pop”. I’ll second that remark.

So let’s go listen to the darkly decadent sensual sounds of Tei Shi.

Cool smooth delicious vocals and some heavy bass, what more is there to life. Living large on this song.

Video by Nicolas Pesce
Concept by Nicolas Pesce & Tei Shi
Starring: Tei Shi, Jordan Lane Price, Mical Klip
Production Asst: Matt Westrich
Stylist: Brittany Berger
Hair & Make-up: Stephanie Peterson


Another beautiful track, awesome vocals and great production (and the looping, love it). There’s no mention of where this was filmed, but if I had to guess I would say Argentina. And a first for this blog, I have never seen a singer sitting on a llama before.
See Me

Director of Photography: DREAMTIGER
Editor: DREAMTIGER, Jonathan Wing


If you’re good you get it, and this young lady is beyond good.
And this track is beyond good too, so smooth and calming yet with an edge that creeps in now and then.
Get It

Directed by DREAMTIGER
Assistant Editor: Patrick Simmons
Colorist: Gene Curley at Nice Shoes
Additional FX: Matt Lowe
Special Thanks: NASA JPL, AJA Video Systems
Produced by Jesse Beauchamp & Tei Shi
Additional Production by Gianluca Buccellati

? Chad Kamenshine

Another dreamy piece with a bite. Definitely a sensuous darkly delicious track that will give enjoyment to your dreams. An ethereal touch of decadence.
“I can be your bullet-proof vest
or the gun that you hold to your chest”

Directed by Mac Boucher (@macboucher1)
Special thanks to Michaela Rechtschaffner


Time to check out a live performance.
On The Mountain is an interactive original video series produced by The Wild Honey Pie and made possible by Stratton Mountain Resort, Jansport, Mailchimp, Minnetonka and Chameleon Cold-Brew. Each episode is a winter-themed 2-3 song performance. This is Tei Shi in one of those appearances.
And she really rocks, the more I hear her the more I love her.

Nevermind The End

Director of Photography – Joel Kingsbury
Production & Art Designer – Marlena Bellande

Set Designer – Riley Teahan
Costume Designer – Laura Nitz

Assistant Director – Kate Branom
2nd Assistant Director – Monica Walter
2nd 2nd Assistant Director – Al Richard


Finally today, following the tradition (whenever possible) to close with a live version of the first song. So here we have Tei Shi live on KCRW from The Village. And an awesome job, I just love this song. Those beats!! Wow!
I’m surprised there is still a roof on that building.


Irenka *


Meet one of the nouvelle chanteuses, Irenka *.
I’m not sure about the asterisk, but on some of her web sites you see Irenka * and some without the asterisk. So to be safe I’ll keep it in. Either way she is an amazing talent.

A modern gypsy shaped by the streets of Brussels and Paris, recording artist Irenka’s colorful music transcends border and genres effortlessly. She fuses self-penned enchanting European melodies with warm smoky vocals that can be easily compared to Sade, Pink and Enya. Her songs capture her personal experiences and her fascination with what she calls the “tortuous, yet beautifully liberating” process of creating music.

Irenka * is now safely ensconced in the USA and sharing her wonderful talents with the lucky folks around Nashville and Little Rock and other points south, and north.

So enough verbiage, let’s hear her wonderful voice.

We’re gonna start of with her cute self-made video, pretty cool.
Even though I don’t speak French and only understand a minimum it’s an interesting song, nice beat, and pure pop. And I mean that in a nice way.
Comme Si

This video was self-produced and entirely shot on home cameras, and smart phones. Edited with lots of love.


Here we find Irenka * live at the Nashville Jazz Workshop with
Kevin Madill on piano, Jack Aylor on bass, and Truman House on drums.
Great song with a bossa nova beat, that shows of the depth of her vocals and her all round versatility.
Que reste-t-il de nous amours? (I wish you love)

? Peter Andree

Irenka * playing a song from a Maurane & Lara Fabian, @ the Pleasant Valley Country Club in Little Rock, Arkansas. A poignant little piece so beautifully sung.
Tu Es Mon Autre (You are my other)


If I’m understanding this correctly, it was some kind of video audition for Postmodern Jukebox to find a French Taylor Swift.
I think Irenka * is a bit more talented than Taylor, and I don’t know the results of this project but this video is hilarious in all the right ways and pretty damn cool. I’m liking her more and more.
Blank Space


I’ll leave you with a few more tracks to listen to from Irenka *.
Enjoy! There’s some great stuff here, the more I listen the more I love her. Whatever you do don’t miss track seven.


Check out, and buy your own copy of her EP here.

V. Contreras


V. Contreras (Victoria Wimer Contreras)  describes herself as: The love child of Dusty Springfield and Nancy Sinatra with a splash of The Ronettes.
And that hardly sums up this gorgeous talented singer/songwriter/musician from Seattle. Wowza!!!

Victoria Contreras is a wonder woman; not only is she a soulful, dramatic vocalist, but also Director of Sales at STG and a mentor to aspiring female musicians at several arts organizations.
See the rest of this article at STACKEDD

I have to thank another great Seattle musician for introducing me to the wonder that is V. Contreras, thank you Mississippi Jones.

Anyway I can’t wait to introduce you to the music, the wonderful beautiful music of V. Contreras. Seattle is so lucky to have such a talent in its midst.

OK, first song today and I’m feelin’ that too. Wow! what an awesome song and video. I really love this young ladies voice. If this is alternate soul, then put me down for a bucket full.
Feelin’ That


Take a Cindy Lauper classic and re-arrange it to suit one amazingly sexy dark vocal. A really tight band backing her.
And what do you have? Perfection in Seattle at the Triple Door.
What I night that must have been.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Are you kidding me! STG Presents Seattle Rock Orchestra Pink Floyd featuring V. Contreras at the Moore Theatre. This is some amazing vocalizing, is there no end to this young ladies talent.
Totally different to anything else on this page.
The Great Gig In The Sky


Here is V. Contreras live on the TV/Web show Band of Seattle with another great tune. A steamy darkly exotic performance. Dream baby, dream baby.


Another from the same show, this time a poignant ballad about lost love. If he hears this I’m sure he’ll come back.
Like it’s Yesterday


Finally today a video for BURN which is a song written and performed by V. Contreras. BURN is included on V.’s inaugural self-titled album. An awesome song. This needs more plays.
I’m betting you will hit replay a few times.

BURN was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Martin Feveyear with string arrangements by Andrew Joslyn.
VIDEO CREDITS: Executive Producer – Music of V., LLC
Filmmaker and Co-Director – Peter Berkley
Artistic Director and Co-Director – Michael Angelo Ledezma
Filmed at Discover Park, Seattle, WA
Musicians: Jeff Fielder, Andrew Joslyn, Rebecca Young and Natalie Mai Hall
All Lead and Background Vocals Performed by V. Contreras (Victoria Wimer Contreras)
An Art Department Production
Copyright 2015 Music V., LLC