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And we’re back.

The blog has been quite for a while, I was indisposed elsewhere. Hopefully I can now get back to a more regular series of updates.

OK, so when I was searching for something else I came across this awesome duo. If you are a regular you will know my penchant for stringed instruments, in particular guitars, cellos and violins. So here we go two out of three ain’t bad.
Then take another penchant of mine, classical / rock crossover.

So meet MOZART HEROES, Chris Krebs (Violoncello) and Phil Seeholzer (guitar) and they hail from Lucerne, Switzerland. And they play like the devil is on their ass. This is some amazing kick ass rock n roll.

Now this is the first track that put me in their realm. An awesome blending o

f Mozart and Metallica. I love the way that this track starts of in such a genteel manner, albeit a tad faster than one would expect. And then the fury erupts.
Kick back and enjoy.
Mozart – Metallica (Symphony No. 40 – Enter Sandman)

Arrangements: MOZART HEROES
Director: Peter “Jackson” Arnold
Artists: Chris & Phil, MOZART HEROES
Executive producer: Augenblickmedia GmbH
– Symphony No. 40 written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
– Enter Sandman written by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich & Kirk Hammett


You start of with a beautiful arrangement of La Catedral, and then of course you get Thunderstruck. The AC/DC piece has long been a favorite, and was even more so when friends of ours got married and the grooms 85 year old father escorted the bride down the isle to the sound of Thunderstruck. Awesome event, as is this video.
Barrios – AC/DC (Thunderstruck)

Arrangements: MOZART HEROES
Director: Kim Sokola + Simon Bolzern
Artists: Chris & Phil, MOZART HEROES
This is a arrangement by MOZART HEROES playing:
– Augustin Barrios, La Catedral
– AC/DC, Thunderstruck written by Angus and Malcom Young


The biggest problem as I wonder through their repertoire is what to include and what to leave out. I couldn’t leave this out being a big James Bond fan as well as a huge fan of Adele. This is a bit more gentle.
James Bond Medley

Arrangements: MOZART HEROES
Mixing: Ralph Zünd @ 2INCH RECORDS.COM
Mastering: Dan Suter @ ECHOCHAMBER.CH
Artists: Chris & Phil, MOZART HEROES
Executive producer: SOUNDCATERING GmbH

– Skyfall written by Adele & Paul Epworth
– Diamonds are Forever written by John Barry
– The World is not enough written by David Arnold & Don Black
– Dr. No Main Theme written by Monty Norman


I’m a sucker for everything “Game of Thrones”, especially the theme tune. I sit through it for every episode even though it is on DVR and I could fast forward to the action. This is an awesome mesh of Suite No 1, G Major and the main theme from GOT. Got it? Enjoy it.
Game of Thrones – Bach

Arrangements: MOZART HEROES
Director: Silvan Bucher, syn
Artists: Chris & Phil, MOZART HEROES
Dancers: Emma Skyllbäck, Maurice Klemm
Fire Artist: Joseph Stenz
Filmed at castle Attinghausen, Switzerland

– Suite No 1, G Major by Johann Sebastian Bach
– Main Theme “Game of Thrones” written by Ramin Djawadi

We’ll have to make this the last of the day. And what a gem, a straight up rendering of Vivaldi, and i love me some Vivaldi. This is from a live appearance in the Stadtkeller, Lucerne (CH). And what an awesome way to leave them.
Vivaldi – Four Seasons (Presto) Summer Storm

Arrangements: MOZART HEROES
Director: Till Gmür,
Artists: Chris & Phil, MOZART HEROES
Assistent: Andreas Bossard

– Written by: Antonio Vivaldi, Four Seasons, Presto Summer


Jade Helliwell

We have a real treat today, meet 25-year-old Jade Helliwell, a very talented singer / songwriter from Batley, West Yorkshire in England.

I’ll let her tell a little about herself:
Growing up listening to many styles of music, Jade always seemed to gravitate back to country music. She explains, “Like any young person I loved the latest chart music and I’ve been infatuated by my fair share of boy bands and girl power, but it was always country music that drove me to sing at the top of voice into my hairbrush microphones. First the old country greats like Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton, then later artists such as Carrie Underwood, Sugarland, Lady Antebellum and, of course, Taylor Swift”. Jade takes all of these great artists as influence, and uses them to shape her own style. But where they had the vibrant, music immersed streets of Nashville as a backdrop, Jade has the small working class towns of Yorkshire as hers. This was the influence behind her first EP release in 2012, Urban Life, Country Heart.

I first became aware of Jade Helliwell when my cousin, thanks Ian, put up a video on his FB page of a young lady who was on a night out in Leeds and she came across a street busker and asked if she could sing with him. The result was amazing. Everybody and their uncle has sung Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen, by now. But this was an eye-opening version, just look at the guy’s face, he was amazed. He has a good voice too, he is Dawid Osial, so maybe try to find some more of his music on YouTube. The whole thing has become something of a sensation, getting pieces in all the tabloids in the UK. Where they are saying people want them to go on Britain’s Got Talent, my one word of advice, Don’t. Meanwhile just kick back and enjoy the ride.

Jade was on a night out in Leeds and she saw a busker, she goes over and asks if she can have a sing…


So let’s take a wander around the music catalog of Jade Helliwell, there’s some gems in here I can promise you.

Such a nice catch in her voice, this is Jade recording one of the songs from her most recent EP “Forget the night”. This is one young lady who could be going places. A really great song with an amazing singer.
Ask Me To Stay

Jade Helliwell has teamed up with producer Justin Johnson ( to deliver her new song ‘Ask Me To Stay’ taken from her new EP ‘Forget The Night’.
Recorded at 80 Hertz studio in Manchester and Parr Street Studios in Liverpool.
Recorded with some incredibly talented musicians from across the UK this is a studio video, giving an insight into the creation of the EP.


Here’s a truly poignant little song wherein Jade makes you feel every part of her broken heart. Truly beautiful and heartfelt.
For Someone Else

This is a music video shot by film maker Danny Lacey for Jade’s song ‘For someone else’ from her EP ‘Urban life, Country heart’


For something completely different here is Jade covering “I wish I was a punkrocker” by Sandi Thom live at Abbey Road. Just Jade and her guitar, such a spirited performance. This is from a few years back, but still the talent shines through.
I wish I was a punkrocker

Don’t worry Jade, you’re so much better than a punk rocker.


Gonna close with another original song, this is a Fiasco Presents production. Jade was @ Loom Studios, Leeds for this powerful performance. Some singer, some song, wow.
I Don’t Wanna Lose You

Audio – Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Adam Fiasco
Video – Filmed & Edited by Tim Fiasco
Voice Over by Guy Harris


OK, so I lied, again. Here’s one more from the Fiasco Presents session. This one’s a cover of a Sam Smith song, and I have to be honest I had my doubts on viewing this since I’m not a Sam Smith fan. But this is a great song and I think Jade does a better version of it. Her vibrato and the crack in her voice make this something else. Altogether totally worth the listen. I’m lovin’ her voice.
Stay With Me

Audio – Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Adam Fiasco
Video – Filmed & Edited by Tim Fiasco
Voice Over by Guy Harris


Astrid S

Today we have another stunning talent from Scandinavia.
Astrid Smeplass was born in the Rennebu municipality in Norway, known professionally as Astrid S, she is an extremely talented singer / songwriter.

Astrid S is starting a tour next month, first up two sold out concerts in New York and Los Angeles and then on to London which is probably sold out as well. And then on to Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Busy girl.

So let’s take a wander through this young ladies musical catalog, and for one so young it is extensive.

This stunning video was my introduction to the wonderful Astrid S, with a snappy electro-beat this is a song to set your feet tapping. Very cool.  This is Astrid’s latest single release.

Produced by Cherry Cobra
Director Cherry Cobra
Director of Photography Jallo Faber
Actors Rickard Tollstoy, Christer Wiklund, Jens Löfgren, David Nyberg
Graphics Cherry Cobra
Editing Linda Jildmalm
Music video by Astrid S performing Breathe.
(C) 2017 Universal Music A/S

This next one is taken from her debut EP “Astrid S”, another bright beautiful electro-beat and totally addictive. I’m guessing this was shot in Norway, the scenery is stunning.
Hurts So Good

Produced by NAIVE
Director Andreas Öhman
Producer Caroline Sandberg
Director of Photography Erik Vallsten
Production coordinator Alice Ängeby
Choreography Mari Raudsepp
Actor Philip Oros
Head of Graphics /VFX Oskar Gullstrand
Editing Andreas Öhman
Graphics /VFX assistant Oskar Järviken, Lovisa Lybeck, Nils Mattson
Grading Oskar Gullstrand/ Naive

Another stunning video, and another beautiful song. This young lady has definitely got me hooked on her sound. Just lovin’ this song.

Director: Hörður Sveinsson
Director: Helgi Jóhannsson
Producer: Atli Viðar Þorsteinsson
Director of Photography: Árni Filippusson
Focus Puller: Snorri Fairweather
Assistant Director: Haraldur Ari Karlsson
Choreography: Viktor Leifsson
Actor: Viktor Leifsson
Editor: Helgi Jóhannsson
Behind The Scenes Photographer: Birgitta Jeanne Sigursteinsdóttir

? Paulina Torbjörnsen

Back in 2013 at the tender age of 16 Astrid Smeplass appeared on the Norwegian version of “Idol”, she came in fifth which seems to be a good number. While on there she did an awesome version of this Dolly Parton classic, but with only 90 seconds it was a little hurried. And then I found this version at an open air concert in Allsang på Grensen. Prepare to have your heart broken.


Here’s a great acoustic song recorded live in the studio, a really cool song and a wonderful performance by Astrid. The more I hear her voice the more enraptured I am by her talent.

Recorded at Propeller Recordings, Oslo, Norway

? Robin Bøe

We’re gonna finish, as I frequently do, with a live version of the song we started with.
This is from a performance live on “Skavlan” in Sweden on Sveriges Television (SVT).