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Gracie and Rachel

What an awesome duo I have for you today. Gracie and Rachel hail from Berkeley, California.
Nowadays they are based in Brooklyn, New York.
Gracie and Rachel are Gracie Coates (lead vocals, piano) and Rachel Ruggles (violin, vocals).

Orchestral pop piano-violin duo, Gracie and Rachel, crafts intricate tunes combining classical string elements with haunting, fierce vocals, augmented by sparse but powerful percussion. Tiptoe EP is a preview of their upcoming debut LP. Their music is a heartfelt glimpse into two passionate females’ unpredictable take on the powers that be. “With the turbulent strings of Regina Spektor paired to the orchestral chamber pop of Bat for Lashes, Tiptoe is both beautiful and unsettling…” -Baeble Music

They recently released the EP, Tiptoe. You can get your very own copy at Noisetrade.
This is a teaser for their upcoming full album, for which I’m waiting with bated breath. The EP is so awesome that the album is going to be mind-blowing.

So, do you want to hear some of it? You know you do, let’s wander around their music.

First up this wonderful choral arrangement of a rap song, dripping with polyphony. I understand that Kreayshawn is their hometown hero. To quote Gracie: She really is a badass lady who is not afraid to speak her mind and have fun doing so, and I think we could all learn a lot from women like her right now. She has the swag and it’s pumping out of her ovaries, you know?”
Above and beyond that, they have produced an amazing track that I will be playing for a long time.
Gucci Gucci (Kreayshawn Cover)

Gracie and Rachel’s choral arrangement of Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci”
Filmed and edited by Ian Schneider

This is a beautiful track, wonderful vocals and the delicate violin stylings. Complete with an intriguing video. Such an evocative sound. This is the second track on their awesome new EP, Tiptoe.

Music by Gracie and Rachel
Filmed and directed by Sam Margevicius.

I do love their videos, so simply presented in black and white, but so much thought has gone into them. They are little cinematic gems. And the music, so sublime. I really love this track.

Music by Gracie and Rachel
Filmed and edited by Michael McQuilken and Graham E. Burns
Song produced by Garrett Eaton

Another great Sofar performance, this time the New York branch. They do such a great job presenting the artist in the best possible way. And of course Gracie and Rachel are up to the task. Another amazing song from their repertoire.
Only A Child

Filmed by: AJ Giambrone, Matt Goldman & Joyce Zhao
Edited by: AJ Giambrone
Audio by: Justin Boyd & Lucy Krakow

📸 Tammy Jean Lamoureux

OK, to finish up here today, another live performance. This time a Balcony TV production from Los Angeles, on a chilly evening. Balcony TV is another great presenter of talent. Love this production. This is a song included above, but I just needed to hear the live version. And a brilliant performance by both windswept young ladies, and their drummer/producer. Great to also hear some background on the upcoming album.

Producer/Talent Booker: Cindi Avnet
Videographer: Alissa Nardo
Recorded/Mixed By: Art Martinez
PA: Alissa Nardo

📸 L’amour de la photo

Kylie Odetta

Today we feature a supremely talented singer / songwriter / musician, meet Kylie Odetta who hails from Greenville, South Carolina.

19-year-old Kylie Odetta has always been able to access a musical maturity that transcends her age. By 6 she was playing piano fluidly, by 12 she was recording her own material in her own iconic style and, as of 2017, has clocked in hundreds of shows that include opening slots for Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Callait and Mat Kearny.

Kylie Odetta will release her new EP “Undertow” on May 19, 2017.

In the meantime, in between time, let’s have a wander through some of her wonderful catalog.

First up, I understand this is a cover of a song by GAWVI, I hate to admit it but I have never heard of him before. I haven’t heard his version so I cannot judge or compare. But this is one beautiful song and beautifully sung by Kylie Odetta. Very simple vocal and keyboard accompaniment provide a perfect slice of entertainment.

Filmed at The Upper Room, Greenville SC
Arranged & Performed by: Kylie Odetta
Filmed by: Bryon Bench

OK, let’s get to the self penned songs, this is one very talented songwriter. And in this song Kylie proves she has the chops to perform jazz. This song has such a jazzy feel to it, and Kylie has associated herself with a very tight combo. Oh so reminiscent of the jazz singers of the 50’s and 60’s. Loving this tune. Kylie Odetta & The Trio performing Odetta’s original song “Let Me Love You”, off of the #HighDreamer EP, LIVE at Studio 101.
Let Me Love You

Song Written & Performed (keys & vocals) by Kylie Odetta.
Guitar by Andrew Brower.
Drums by D Miller.
Produced by Brad Phillips, Studio 101.
Filmed by Bryon Bench.
Mixed by Matt LaPlant.

This is a beautiful song performed with a lot of feeling, I’ll let Kylie explain the meaning behind it.
This song was inspired by and in memory of the four USC Upstate students who lost their lives in a car crash in October of 2015. It is a tribute to anyone who has ever lost someone they love. You can find the four students pictures at the end of the video. Our prayers are with all of the families and friends, and all of you listening to the song and remembering someone special to you in your heart. We will never erase the love of those we have lost! God bless. -Kylie O
Can’t Erase It

Song Written by: Kylie Odetta
Song Produced by: Matt LaPlant
Video Produced by: Bryon Bench
Video location: Furman University Daniel Recital Hall, Greenville SC

This is a track from a couple of years back, a terrific song written and performed by Kylie. The more I hear her voice the more I feel I am listening to a future star. There is a depth to this song which is awesome for someone so young.
Promised Myself

Song produced, engineered and mixed by Matt LaPlant
Kylie Odetta © 2014

Have to love a young lady who loves cats, and they obviously love her.

I’ll leave you with some more sounds from Kylie, give a listen to her EP.
The EP is mellow and broken down – it focuses on the piano and Kylie’s raspy vocals as well as selected elements of magic to create a dreamy atmosphere.
High Dreamer

Lia Marie Johnson

Meet Lia Marie Johnson who hails from Wahiawa, Hawaii although she currently resides in Los Angeles. Lia Marie is a very talented singer / songwriter and also apparently very well-known on You Tube. She has acted in numerous film and television shows.
I have to acknowledge my friend Shahin who pointed me in the right direction towards this talented young lady.

But last year she got serious about the music biz, and was subsequently signed by Capitol Records.
Based on her first two singles for them “DNA” and “Cold Heart Killer” this young lady is going places. She is simply amazing.

Don’t take my word for it, let’s take a little tour of her music catalog.

This is Lia Marie’s latest single, the video dropped about a month ago,
Wow! This is one heck of a song, so deep and quite a story. With tremendous vocals from Lia Marie. I think I’m in love again. Yeah, you don’t need him anymore.
Cold Heart Killer

Lyric video directed by Sarah Bahbah and produced by Possy Agency.
DOP: Stefan Weinberger
Post Production: Victor Pakpour

This was the first song I heard by Lia Marie Johnson and I was suitably blown away. Such a beautiful song about a dark subject. Obviously I’m not alone in digging it, currently has more than 8.5 millions views. The more I hear it the more in love with it I am.

Official video directed by Gabriel Younes and produced by Anthem Films and Elliot Sisson
(C) 2016 Awesomeness Music Partners, LLC

This was from a couple of years back, a cover of the Ellie Goulding classic. I truly believe I prefer Lia Marie’s version, and I have long been a fan of the Ellie Goulding version.
Love Me Like You Do

Keys: Jen Hirsh
Directed and Edited by: Eric Guerrero

Still back a couple of years was this early pop gem from Lia Marie Johnson when she was still a teenager.
A well crafted young pop tune, surprised it didn’t crack the charts.
Moment Like You

Gonna close today with a live version of one of the songs featured at the beginning of this post.
Live, this is even more powerful in its stripped down simplicity. Brilliant.

Video directed by Possum Hill and produced by Thermonuclear
(C) 2016 Awesomeness Music Partners, LLC