About Bearly Rambling

Bearly Rambling is a mostly music blog run by yours truly.

Portrait of the author as a young man.

Occasionally something strikes me funny, or pisses me off (but I try to avoid political stuff) and then something non-musical may sneak in.

Since 2006 I’ve been featuring artists irrespective of genre or style.

The only criteria for getting on here is that I like the sounds they make.

The artists can be old time established artist, but in recent years I generally tend to search for new up and coming talent.

You may well notice an overabundant amount of female vocalists. This is partly by design but generally because as I’ve gotten older my taste has changed and the female voice sounds more pleasing to me. I’ve been listening to music since the 40’s and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard a hell of a lot of singers.

But there will always be a spot here for John Otway and Leonard Cohen.

Contact me
If you would like to be considered for a feature, please read the following before getting in touch:

I always listen to the music before I read any text, so have a working link to your best track (ideally on Soundcloud or YouTube).
I don’t do any all text posts, except this one, there must always be some music, preferably video.
Sending a ‘locked’ link is no good if you want me to post your music, as I won’t be able to embed it on my site.
The music always speaks for itself, but I try and fill in some background on the artist so mini bios are accepted.
Please include links to your website or social media pages.
To be featured, just drop me a line at barrie.moore@gmail.com and I’ll check you out.

I get a lot of emails every day, but I do go through all of the submissions (and that means it will take some time for me to get through them all, so please be patient).

I only reply if what you’ve sent me ends up getting featured.

If you are a photographer/ designer with ownership of any images posted on here, please get in touch so I can credit you on the site. I normally use photo’s from the artists Facebook page, which I believe are all common use rules. But I’ll give credit when asked.

Thank you

Portrait of the blogger as an old fart.


Portrait of the blogger as an even older fart and moved to Florida.