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Postcards is a dream pop/indie rock band formed by four friends in Beirut, Lebanon, in late 2012. Their music is defined by hushed, introspective vocals floating over expansive sonic spaces that shift between harsh noise and dreamy soundscapes.

Postcards are Julia Sabra, Marwan Tohme, Pascal Semerdjian and Rany Bechra.

Postcards will be releasing their latest album ‘I’ll be here in the morning’ (Ruptured/T3 Records/Cargo Records), tomorrow. It is their fourth release and their first full-length album produced by Fadi Tabbal of Tunefork Studios.

Postcards are a revelation, such a smooth ethereal sound. I am enthused about the state of dream pop music, and the future of it is here.

First up their latest single, from the aforementioned album, is this beautiful chunk of sound. I am wide awake to the pleasure of listening to it. This is just too striking, too beautiful for words. Such simplicity in the chords, yet a thing of beauty. I don’t know if that is a balalaika in there, or just some slick manipulation of a guitar, either way it is beautiful and haunting.
Wide Awake

Filmed and edited by: Nessim Stevenson
Underwater videographer: Karim Iliya


This was their first single release from the album “I’ll be here in the morning”, another glorious song full of jangling guitars and the beautiful voice of Julia Sabra. I wonder how I missed this when it was first released.
Bright Lights

Video filmed and edited by Camille Cabbabe.
Special thanks to Tania Ingea, Fadi Tabbal, and Nessim Stevenson.

📷 Camille Cabbabé

While poking around their various videos I cam across this gem from a few years back. Julia’s voice, with its haunting beauty, makes me feel comfortable and warm despite the snow they are wandering around in. It’s a kinda cute video with the masks and all. I really like this track.
Where The Wild Ones

Directed By Farid Salame
Produced By Francois Monayer
Cinematographer: Julien Kai
Wildlife Cinematographer: Nessim Stevenson
Assistant Director: Ghiwa El Haiby

📷 Sue Kar

Wow! they have such amazing songwriting skills and they craft their songs so beautifully. This is another beauty from a couple of years back, performed live at Station. The song can be found on their “what lies so still” EP released in 2015.

Filmed by: Myriam, Tanit, Paul and David
Sound mixed by: Fadi Tabbal

📷 Camille Cabbabé

Finally today we have Postcards performing at Sofar Beirut on January 26, 2017. As always the Sofar crew produce a wonderful video. And as I am finding out Postcards don’t produce bad songs, they are all beautifully written and beautifully performed. You’re gonna love this one.
Black & White

Filmed by: Nicolas Cardahi, Elias Daaboul
Edited by: Nicolas Cardahi, Beirut Jam Sessions
Location: Baffa House
Videographer: Elias Daaboul and Nicolas Cardahi
Editor: Nicolas Cardahi

OK, so I lied, there is more. If like me you cannot wait to hear more from Postcards, well I’ve got you covered with this play list to keep you going.

Don’t forget the album

I’ll be here in the morning


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