Daily Archives: April 4, 2017

Chrissy Chase

Chrissy Chase is a very talented singer / songwriter whose hometown is Orlando, Florida. She currently is based out of Washington DC or Savannah, Georgia depending on which part of her bio you want to believe. Chrissy is way beyond just being a singer / songwriter.
Between writing, recording, continued TV placements, a successful publishing company, and performing, Chrissy has finally found herself in a place that was meant to be. As for me I’m just happy to have found her talent, and to have some of her music in my life.

So are we ready to hear some of her music? You betcha.

I first found Chrissy and her music because of a Google search, a friend mentioned on FB that he had never heard of a song about pear-blossom and despite the fact that it was prettier than apple-blossom it was apple-blossom that had the song.
This song was written by Steve Hodak for his friend Chrissy Chase, and all I can say Steve is thanks very much for a beautiful song and via it introducing me to the wonderful talent of Chrissy Chase.
Pearblossom Road

It’s very brave to cover an Elvis song, because you know you are gonna be compared whatever. But when you have a voice as clear as a bell, like the lovely Chrissy does then you have an advantage. This is one beautiful cover.
Can’t Help Falling in Love

Finally today a tender, quiet ballad. Something for a lazy afternoon. Relax and let it roll over you.
Meant For Me