Voices of Iranian women

Today a re-post from the old blog, this music is so beautiful I had to have it in an easy to get at place.

This is such a beautiful selection of songs I had to share it.
Thanks to my old pal Penz for turning me on to it.

And thanks to Moji Taali for putting together the collection.

These are the words of Moji Taali
This is my first collection of voices of Iranian women. It contains music produced by Iranian female singers and musicians, whose voices have been suppressed in recent years. They are forbidden from singing alone and can only sing along with men.
This is my contribution to reversing this cycle. These songs only have female singers and men – at most –  just play along.
I hope you enjoy these beautiful voices and peaceful sounds as much as I do. And if you do, please share it with other friends! Of course I also welcome any feedback.  Follow me @moji-taali for more upcoming sets.

Track Listing.
1- Hani Niroo – Shab bood
2- Shahrzad – Dele Sange Zamooneh
3- IDAFolk – Yeki Bood Yeki Nabood
4- Niaz Navab – Naghshe to Hafez
5- Karen Homayounfar – Ghesseye Paria
6- Giti Khameneh – Poem
7- Hayedeh – Soghati
8- Lachini (feat Simin Ghaderi) – Man Neveshtam baran
9- Parnaz Partovi – Dream
10- Maryam Mirbagheri – Ara’s Dream
11- Elnaz Miabinezhad – Mon Chtit
12- Eendo – Waltz e Chaman
13- Luna Shad – Nocturne (Shabaneh)
14- Aida Shahghasemi – Lilly and the Moon
15- Marjan Farsad – Cheshmhaye Tameshki

All Photos: Bahareh Kian Afshar