Nadine Khouri

Nadine Khouri is a very talented British-Lebanese musician and songwriter currently based in London, whose output has been described as “music born of perennial outsider status”.

Nadine was “discovered” by John Parish (producer associated with PJ Harvey and Giant Sand), and approached to sing on a track on his own Screenplay LP, following which she was invited to record a full-length album. “Hence The Salted Air”, which was recorded live by Parish and Ali Chant in a basement studio in Bristol, with a band comprising Huw Bennett, Jean-Marc Butty, J. Allen and Ruban Byrne, and featuring guest contributions from Adrian Crowley, Emma Smith and Florian Tanant and Parish himself.

The more I listen to this young lady the more convinced I am that Nadine Khouri is one to watch. So let’s go listen to this beautiful music.

This track from the new album is deliciously dark and beautiful, there’s no video just the audio. But believe you me, you won’t soon forget this one.

From the album ‘The Salted Air’ – out now on exclusive opaque cream coloured vinyl (250 only) Standard vinyl, CD & Digital.
Photo by Steve Gullick

Also from the album “Hence The Salted Air” this is another beautifully crafted song, a haunting beautiful song with that wonderful smooth and dark vocals from Nadine.
Broken Star

Directed by Jeff Wood. Produced by John Parish.

Another great video from Sofar London, they do wonderful work with/for indie artists.
This is another song from the new album, her voice as always is impeccable and that brilliant combo who are backing are absolutely tight. They are Basia Bartz (violin) Jake Long (drums) and Huw Bennett (double-bass). Just a tinge of jazz to this performance.
The Hours

Filmed by: Daniel Babusca & Joe Almond
Edited by: Daniel Babusca
Audio recorded & mixed: Harry Wrigley
Venue: The Artworks Elephant

Last one for today, also from the new album, and if you are not convinced to go get the album you just haven’t been listening. This young lady is such a talented singer / songwriter. Enjoy this last track.
You Got A Fire

Directed by Steve Gullick

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