Elin Ivarsson

Meet another amazing Scandinavian songbird.
Elin Ivarsson is a very talented singer/songwriter from Kalix, Sweden, currently based in Brighton, England. Kalix is close to Finland, sadly a section of Sweden I never got to visit.

Elin Ivarsson is a mean classical guitar player, her mastery of the instrument is just sublime. And her songwriting skills are superb, she writes stripped back songs from the heart. They are things of beauty, each to be admired in their own light.

So do we want to hear the music? Of course, let’s get to it.

First up today Louie Louié Presents – The wonderful Elin Ivarsson as she passes through to share this elegantly smooth and captivating performance of her track ‘Leaving Song’ for Stripped Back Bare live sessions. Amazing guitar work and beautiful vocals,
Leaving Song

Video directed, filmed, edited and graded by Louie Syred
(with great help from and a special thanks to Ben Cox and Julian Beresford of Gnarled Apple Productions )
Sound recorded, mixed and mastered by Louie Syred

I have always loved the skill shown when playing classical guitar, Andres Segovia and John Williams come to mind. Elin is a true master of the classical guitar, and this piece is sublime. An exquisite performance of ‘Lotty’ from Elin Ivarsson exclusively for the Clockwork Owl Sessions.

Recorded, mixed, shot and edited by Tim Bidwell at Clockwork Owl Studio.

A beautiful song about her homeland, and with that warm pure voice and her perfect guitar playing this is a song to savor. No real data about where and when this was recorded, the video was uploaded in July last year.

Recorded in Frankfurt 22 July 2016 while recording her latest album. More superb music. The title is my guess since no more info is given. But just kick back and listen, it’s just beautiful.
Another day older

Here’s a beautiful guitar piece, truly shows of her skills on the six strings.
A brilliant simplicity in the tune, yet not so simple to play.
Instrumental song

So today we close with Elin’s interpretation of one of Leonard Cohen’s lesser known songs (unless you are a long time fan). A beautiful version and just listen to the beauty of the guitar sound. This was recorded a few years back.
The Partisan

I’m sure Leonard would approve.