Jenni Dale Lord

Today we feature a beautiful and very talented singer / songwriter from Lubbock, Texas.
She is a purveyor of Americana, Alt-Country with a dash of rock n roll and a splash of soul. Anyone who includes in her influences Johnny Cash and Nina Simone has to have soul and pizzazz. And Jenni Dale Lord certainly has all that and then some.

Jenni Dale Lord rocked the “live music capital of the world,” Austin, Texas, for over a decade, but has since returned to her roots in Lubbock to claim her place in the West Texas music scene. After years of writing music on her own, Jenni Dale rounded up a group of amazing musicians to take her songs and set them on fire. They have exploded in the area and have taken their high energy and heart-string pulling show on the road.

The Jenni Dale Lord Band are:-
Jenni Dale Lord – vocals, acoustic guitar
Steve Lott – electric/resonator lead guitars, vocals
Andrew Mason – bass guitar, vocals
Randy Moreno – drums

So now we know a little about her let’s get to the music. Let’s take a little trek around her catalog, the hardest part is deciding what to leave out.

This is Jenni’s latest video, hot off the presses so to speak. A beautiful soulful country ballad about a country girl going home. Some wonderful guitar work and the awesome voice of Jenni Dale Lord make this a song/video to take note off. So gentle yet so meaningful.
Someone to Believe

Published on 22 Jan 2017
Official music video of Jenni Dale Lord Band’s hit song, “Someone to Believe.”

Jenni Dale Lord performs on Good Day Lubbock, the birthplace of Buddy Holly.
One of the few musical places in the states I have never been to, oh well one day.
Anyway this is a nice gentle tune about an idea that really appeals to me.
Totally cool, love it.
Free Whiskey

Good Day Lubbock

Another beautiful tune from Jenni, and her friend. Such purity of tone both vocally and the guitars. Listening to this I’m aching to be back there again, wherever it is. I’m really digging her complete album.
Back There Again

Originally a sneak peek from the #FreeWhiskey album released in 2016.

This song truly give one a feeling of small town living, maybe it’s the video, but the song says it all. I can relate having lived in and around small towns in Indiana back in the 80’s.
In This Town

Second single from “Never Let Go.”

We’re gonna end on a terrific live performance from a few years back. Another great song and some great guitar. As I’ve wandered through these videos I’m more than impressed by her guitar playing, if she didn’t have such an awesome voice she could still make it on her guitar playing alone. Enjoy.
A New Me

w/ Sean Pace @Outlander Fall Festival- Austin, TX