East of My Youth

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East Of My Youth is an Icelandic female power-duo who released their self-titled debut EP ‘East Of My Youth’ a few days ago, plus they made a new video for their latest single ‘Stronger’.

East Of My Youth are Herdís Stefánsdóttir & Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir who are a very talented electro-pop duo, straight out of Reykjavík…Or the Moon. (Or the moon is their comment, not mine).

Their melodic electro-pop does not only thrill the crowd in their homeland Iceland but has found a strong fan base far away from country borders.

“East of my Youth, west of my future” is where Jack Kerouac found himself once he was halfway across America in On the Road. That’s also how 25 year-old actress Thelma Marín and composer Herdís felt when they met at a bar in Berlin, hence the name. Their songs directly channel the pure moments of inspiration that happen when you least expect.

So let’s get to the music.

First up their new video which portrays different women who are beautiful in their own way fighting and struggling but nevertheless grow stronger. It perfectly shows what East Of My Youth’s music is all about. Strong music, beautiful voices, awesome harmonies.

Editor: Erlendur Sveinsson
Composer: East of My Youth
Director: Erlendur Sveinsson
Producer: Erlendur Sveinsson & Sigga Regína
Cinematography & Colourist: Markus Engelmair
Stylist: Helga Jóakimsdótti

OK so here we go with track three from the album. but a live version.
Awesome sounds from that little keyboard and again with the beautiful voices and harmonies.

Lag / song: East of My Youth
Texti / lyrics: East of My Youth
Flutningur / performed by: East of My Youth
Landsbankinn er stoltur bakhjarl Iceland Airwaves 2016.

Another great song from that new EP, this time track one.
They have added a few more players to their sound but the basis is still the great harmonies and boy do they have words.

Lag / song: East of My Youth
Texti / lyrics: East of My Youth
Flutningur / performed by: East of My Youth, Magnús Trygvason Elíassen og Hafsteinn Þráinsson
Landsbankinn er stoltur bakhjarl Iceland Airwaves 2016.

? Saga Sigurdardottir

A brilliant dramatic video for this great tune, and the amazing voices again.

This vid was made for SXSW last year, but don’t worry the song is still on the EP.
This is something that has always bugged me, how do they open their mouths underwater? Not just these young ladies, but anybody you see on TV or movies.
Just bugs me. I’ll get over it, you just enjoy the video.
Only Lover

The band played at Iceland Airwaves last November and appeared in live broadcast at the American radio station KEXP. They’ll also be playing at Sonar Reykjavik this February. East Of My Youth plays melodic, electronic pop and draws its influences from various genres and moods. From classical music/film music/ambient to hardcore techno or the weather.

? Bragi Brynjarsson

We’ll finish off today with their first video, released back in 2014.
Even then they were making great videos. And the vocals were as always top-notch.
I’m surprised this song was not a huge hit.
I’m also sure we are going to be hearing a lot more from these young ladies.

Video directed, created and edited by Sunneva Ása Weisshappel.
Produced by Algera Studio
Assistance with photography and lighting: Arnór Gunnar Hjálmarsson.
Dancer: Védís Kjartansdóttir.
Special thanks to: Sölvi Blöndal, Elin Rosenberg, Lilja Björk Runólfsdóttir, Arnór Gunnar Hjálmarsson and Friðjón Jónsson.

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