The Aprons

The Aprons are Talia Peri and Hava Cohen, they hail from Tel-Aviv, Israel.
They make beautiful dreamy music.

That’s how I opened my original post on them on the old blog back in 2013.

I then continued with this little folk tale.
The Aprons, dreamy, magical indie duo. Hava and Talia met while escaping the great avalanche of 1805. Leaving their families of Siberian wolves behind, they embarked on their musical journey.

The Aprons are back with another brilliant and beautiful album, “Any Human Heart”, which is full of delicious dreamy shoegaze perfect music. Treat yourself get your copy today.

Do you want to hear some of it, of course you do. So let’s get to the music.

This is the second single from the album “Any Human Heart”, a beautiful atmospheric song giving advice on how to cure a fear of heights while walking along an idyllic beach. And then of course they revert back to being mermaids, showing the heights underwater. Why not?
Sublime harmonies from two beautiful voices.
Fear of heights

Filmed, directed & edited by Benjamin Esterlis
Written and composed by Hava Cohen and Talia Peri
Music Produced & arranged by Noam Rotem
Recorded by Raz Burg at Bardo and Tamuz studio
Mix by Roy Avital

Just to keep up here’s the first track from the album “Any Human Heart”, more sublime delicate harmonies. And that great percussion, especially the last one that scared the bejazuss out of the bird in the dark.
Day Off

Directed, filmed and edited by Benjamin Esterlis
Makeup artist: Maeve Hanford
Music Produced & arranged by Noam Rotem
Recorded by Raz Burg at Bardo and Tamuz studio
Mix by Avi Tuchman

? Roy Taragan

This is a track from their earlier album ‘Sound Stains’ it is the amazingly beautiful video that was my first introduction to the Aprons. It is on my old blog, but I just had to re-feature it since it is so great.
Sound Stain

Director: Liran Goldberg
Visual FX Artist: Shay Goldberg
DP: Shai Peleg
Editor: Amichy Bikovsky
Character Animation: Talia Tsur, Tom Dor, Shuki Gamliel, Eitan Vineshtock
Flame Artist + Colorist: Neil Cohen
1st Assistant Director: Melina Carpovich
Styling + Art: Nilly Kalmar
Additional Cinematography: Rami Katzav

? David Pearl

We’re gonna end where we came in, but this is a terrific live version of the song.
Going back to my sometimes tradition of starting with the music video and ending with the live performance.
Fear of heights

Live at the Abraham Hostel Bar 18th November 2016
הופעה בהוסטל של אברהם

OK just kidding, one more chance to hear their wonderful music. Check out the album.
Any Human Heart