Émilie Simon

Émilie Simon hails from Montpellier, Occitanie, France and she is a super talented singer, songwriter and composer of electronic music. Émilie is currently based in Paris or New York.

Fun Fact: Émilie Simon composed the original soundtrack for the documentary film La Marche de l’empereur (March of the Penguins), concerning the annual migration of emperor penguins. I really loved that movie, amazing birds. But sadly we did not hear that soundtrack in the states, they thought her soundtrack would be too challenging for the North American viewers. So now I have to track down a European version so I can hear it.

Émilie Simon has performed for audiences all over the world, from what I have seen on video it’s a “not to be missed” experience. So if she comes to your town, don’t miss it.

So let’s get to the music.

In this beautifully stylized video Émilie Simon flowers through the four seasons, singing along with them as they go. A great track with some great beats behind her awesome voice.
Fleur De Saison

Music video by Emilie Simon performing Fleur De Saison. (C) 2006 Barclay

While wandering around the amazing music Émilie Simon has made I came across various versions of her singing my favorite Chris Isaak song, and this live performance has to be my favorite. She really knows how to make this song even sexier.
Wicked Game

Extrait du Concert d’Emilie Simon à la Sirene ( La Rochelle 17 ) le 9 octobre 2014

There’s no details about where this wonderful performance occurred, suffice to say it is another exquisite show from Émilie Simon. Singing in English for this one, another reason to want to see her performing live. Wonderful.
Sweet Blossom

A little 50’s film noir for our enjoyment, the kind of thing Brigitte would have been in back in the day. A great song and a terrific movie. I love it.
Menteur (Liar)

Menteur, premier single extrait du nouvel album d’Emilie Simon « Mue »
Music video by Émilie Simon performing Menteur. (C) 2013 Barclay

There is just something about the sound of Jetaime from a French lady, and when you get three together je t’adore. Such a beautiful song.

“Jetaimejetaimejetaime (Bande Originale du film ”Quand je serai petit”)” by Émilie Simon

Gonna finish up today with a real gem the beautiful Émilie Simon and the handsome Chris Isaak with an awesome version of another of his great songs.
They certainly are together and the style comes naturally to her.
Blue Hotel