Bonnie Banane


Today we meet Bonnie Banane an electro-R&B artist from Paris, France.
Her music is a great mix of retro 90’s electronic R&B with the addition of her very unique voice. Her voice takes you back to the 50’s/60’s kind of a combination of The Singing Nun and current day Emilie Simon, but she really stands out as her own woman. It’s just too difficult to describe how beautiful her voice is, somehow I keep hearing beauty in the mountains sound.

Bonnie Banane recently released “Soeur Nature”, her sophomore EP following 2013’s “Greatest Hits” EP, her debut album.

So enough, let’s get to the music. You are gonna enjoy this.

This is from the “Soeur Nature – EP”, but the video only dropped a few days ago.
Totally surreal video, with an achingly beautiful vocal. It somehow reminds me of chansons from my past. Absolutely pure. Strangely hypnotic. I love it.

Réalisateur : William Laboury

Producteur : Théo Gall
Directrice de production : Charlène Richardeau
1ère assistante réalisateur : Montaine Lambert
Directeur de la photographie : Raphaël Vandenbussche
1er assistant OPV : Arthur Scotti
Assistant de production : Paul le Baron


This is also from the “Soeur Nature – EP” and maybe a tribute to Leonardo De Caprio? Whatever it is, it’s a beautiful piece of music.

Produced by Gautier Vizioz
Mastered by Doug Fripon at Grande Ville Studio

Directed and Edited by Celine Croze & Bonnie Banane
Assistant Editor : Raphaël Stora
Baselight : Bouba Konaté & Damien Ulmer at Media Lab


Here’s an earlier Bonnie track with some sick beats added to the electro backing. Another pretty strange video.

? Simon Thiébaut

We’ll finish up with a chance for you to listen to Bonnie’s brilliant EP.
Soeur Nature