Lucy Neville


Today’s amazing treat, meet twenty year-old Lucy Neville who hails from Sydney, Australian, Lucy is an amazing singer / songwriter who has already amassed over 300,000 plays on Spotify alone. And she writes some beautiful songs.

Lucy is one awesome talent in the pop world, look out for her.

“Her brand new single ‘Fall At Your Feet’ is a tropical spin on the iconic Australian song by Crowded House. The track was produced by her long-time friend and prolific producer Marc Malouf, mixed by Simon Cohen and mastered by Emily Lazar, assisted by Chris Allgood. Combined, the collective has helped shaped some of the latest major chart toppers including Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ and Sia’s ‘Chandelier’”.

So here is that release, Lucy Neville  is singing her brilliant version of “Fall At Your Feet” from Crowded House (love that band). A beautifully crafted pop song, and what a beautiful voice Lucy has. Angelic at times, and beautiful always. This song will make you happy.
Fall At Your Feet

Original song written by Neil Mullane Finn and published by Kobalt Music Services Ltd (KMS) obo Roundhead Music [BMI]
Director – Kate Neville
Director of Photography – Goldie Soetianto
1st AD/Lighting Assistant – Matthew Bedford
Editor – Kate Neville
Grade – Kate Neville
Hair & Makeup – Chloe Jean Wallace


From a recent release Lucy brings out her full warm and sexy voice, this is one enjoyable video and song. Who could resist this young lady?
Damaged Goods

Producers – Kate Neville & Tim Neville
Director – Joshua Dang
Cinematographer – Goldie Soetianto
1st AC – Khoa Le
Hair & Make-Up Artist – Chloe Jean
Production Assistant – Maddie McKimm
Editor – Kate Neville
Animator – Kate Neville
Colourist – Kate Neville


I love this live performance by Lucy Neville, and what a guitar backing (maybe some looping going on). What a beautiful song and voice. This was done for the Vevo dscvr (Live) series. And the amazing part, it would appear that her awesome voice is effortless.
On My Own




Color me confused, this track is from her debut EP last year, why is this young lady not a mega-star? She is way above her current competition, no names. But she has a beautiful voice and sings the perfect songs. And this particular song is another absolutely perfectly crafted pop-song.

Producers – Kate Neville & Tim Neville
Director – Kate Neville
Cinematographer – Ella Gibbins
1st AC – Carolina Izquierdo Duarte
2nd AC – Julian Tynan
B Camera – Dane Howell
Gaffer – Richard Mason
Hair & Make-Up Artist – Katy Clucas
Production Assistant – Maddie McKimm
Editor – Kate Neville
Colourist – Matt Fezz


Finally today I’ll leave you with this track she cut with MMXJ, he’s the 27yr old Music Producer from Singapore who’s currently all the rage. Just the sounds but Lucy’s vocals really enhance the sound, I like it, enjoy.