Katie Burden


I first became aware of Katie Burden a few months back when I did a piece about the first single from her debut album, Strange Moon.

Then today I noticed another single and video dropped.
And what a video it is, wow, wild, surreal to say the least.

Katie filmed the video in 110-degree desert heat and was buried up to her head in the hot sand!

The video is visually stunning and the song is an aural treat. I have heard it many time as the album Strange Moon is rarely of my play list.

So here it is, kick back and enjoy the awesome voice of Katie Burden.

Run For Your Life

“Run For Your Life” Music Video By Katie Burden
Cautionary Tail Records Copyright 2016

Directors // Ryan Valdez & Devin Schiro
Director of Photography // Gary Kent
Editors // Ryan Valdez & Devin Schiro
Key Make-Up Artist // Noël Fischetti
Mask Designer // Chelsea Bayouth
Wardrobe Design // Saira Huff
Production Designer // Bryce Rankins
Camera Assistant // Majd Mazin

Creature #1 // Juliana Codrí
Creature #2 // Rosemarry Moreau
Creature #3 // Karina Genevieve

📸 Kristin Cofer

In case you are one of the only people on the planet who hasn’t heard the album yet, you can listen here.
Strange Moon