Seldom Few


If you followed the old blog you may well remember Vapour Night which was the solo project of Ali Murray from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. He released a couple of very cool, albeit very dark albums under that nomme de guerre.
Well Ali is back and this time he’s expanded into a threesome, not him personally of course. But he’s added two new sidekicks and they have a new band name, Seldom Few. They’re an atmospheric rock trio with a dark alternative shoegaze experimental sound.

Seldom Few are:
Ali Murray – vocals, guitars, misc
Zander Young – drums
Richard Macdonald – bass

Seldom Few have just released their first album, and guess what, yes you can hear it here. Give it a listen, I think you’ll dig it, like me.

It’s a very interesting album full of surprises and changes along the road.
Sometimes very dark and occasionally light and airy.
Seldom Few

All music written and performed by Seldom Few.
All lyrics written by Ali Murray.
Recorded by Ali Murray and Keith Morrison on the Isle of Lewis in the north of Scotland. Some additional assistance from Eleanor Nicolson.
Produced and mixed by Ali Murray.
Mastered by Keith Morrison.

Additional backing vocals on ”Last Ride” and ”The Parting Waters” by Richard Macdonald.

? John Maher (ex-drummer of The Buzzcocks)