? Aki Roukala

A couple of months ago I posted Catself’s latest single a “Little” song, and at that time Catself herself told me she would be releasing a new video fairly soon. Well guess what she came through. And I figured I just had to share it with you all.

It is another beautiful song from Catself, and as always her voice is just perfect. The “action” all takes place on what appears to be a magical bench.
All the actors in the video were from different countries and they met for the first time on the set (except the first two male actors who are friends but they are not on the screen at the same time).

Catself is currently back in The Netherlands, gigging and hopefully writing more music.

So here it is, check out this great new song.
Waiting Room

On a sunny September day in 2016, a few people met at Aalto University campus in Espoo, Finland. Each of them happened to come from a different country. Most of them were meeting for the very first time. This is what happened.
Cast (in order of appearance):
JinYoung Kim
Muhammad Arsalan Ul Haq
Yehia Tawfik
Anna Antonova
Lotta Paavola
Christer Holm

Directed by Catself
Edited by Catself
Song by Catself
Technical assistance by Christer Holm

You can buy the song here:


For something completely unrelated, but because I know that Catself is a cat lover, as am I here’s a little teaser to get you through the afternoon.

Can you find the cat in the wood pile? I promise there is one there, and I’ll give you two clues, he’s sleeping and he’s a marmalade cat.