Kendra Morris

Portrait Kendra Morris Credit: Taylor Ballantyne
? Taylor Ballantyne

Kendra Morris is a very talented singer/songwriter based in New York City, originally from St. Petersburg, Florida or Lodi, California depending on who you believe. Either way she is one awesome talent.

Kendra has recently released a new album “Babble” and believe you me its brilliant. Go and get it.

Anyway, let’s get to the music.

First up Kendra’s new release, the video dropped just a few days ago on November 7.
From the dark shimmering guitars to the stark dramatic video this is one powerful song. Simply the best, awesome.

Starring Kendra Morris as “The Stalker”
Featuring as Sara Cicilian as “Woman” and Derek Flint as “Man”
Production Company: Brilliant Champions (
Directed By: Joe Lumbroso
Written By: Jillian Mackintosh
Produced By: Brilliant Champions
Creative Director: Jillian Mackintosh
Assistant Director: Alex Huebsch
Cinematography: Chevy Anderson


Recorded Live at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC with a very tight band behind her Kendra flexes her amazing voice and bring forth a Pink Floyd classic, but makes it her own. Then follows with one of her own songs, this was originally the “B” side to her single “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” ~ coincidence?
Shine On You Crazy Diamond/Evil

Filmed by: Eric Campana and Pat Breen

Performed By:
Kendra Morris
Jeremy Page
Sam Merrick
Colin Brown
Jeremy Siegel


While we’re at it another cover. This is one beautiful rendition of one of my all time favorite songs, the original by Chris Isaak is very rarely of my play lists. Kendra’s voice bring a unique touch to this song and if anything makes it dreamier.
Wicked Game

© Kendra Morris / Wax Poetics Records, 2013


A brilliant, brilliant version of this classic song. The Proclaimers are just not this sexy. This is a tour de force. A totally new arrangement. I just love it.
I’m gonna be (500 miles)

I’m gonna be (500 miles) written by Charlies Reid and Craig Reid
Performed by Kendra MORRIS. Ft. Godforbid from That Handsome Devil
Published by Warner Bros. Music Ltd (PRS)

Video directed by Rudolf BEKKER
(c) 2014 AIR FORCE ONE


I love this song, with its moody feeling it was the perfect soundtrack song for Ray Donovan. It just fit with that series. This is a beautiful live performance, see below for where.

Captation aux Passagers du Zinc – Avignon (84) lors de la soirée Un Disque Un Jour Live #1
Réalisation / Cadrage : Mr Blønde, Mr Cleps, Mr Main, Mr Black, Mr White


Live performance of Kendra Morris and her band performing Avalanche from the record BABBLE using 360 viewing.
* Use the circle arrows in top left to view via 360 on your computer OR if using on your phone, you can navigate by holding your phone to where you want to go.. enjoy!
Whatever will they come up with next?
But over and above that it is a terrific song, and as usual Kendra’s voice is too beautiful for words.

this was shot by 2016 WallingMcgarity


Ok,  gotta go, but I’ll leave you with some great cuts to make your afternoon great. Enjoy her album, then I know you will get your own copy.