Romy is the nomme de guerre of Romy Balvers who is a very talented singer / songwriter who hails from Amsterdam but who is living and working in New York. Not in style maybe but certainly her passion reminds me of another very talented Dutch singer Wende.

Growing up in Amsterdam, Dutch singer-songwriter Romy began performing on the piano when she was seven years old. Inspired by artists such as Carole King, Joe Jackson, Kate Bush, Billy Joel, Elton John and Tori Amos, she began writing her own songs, expressing her introspective emotions and perspective.

So we have the appropriate knowledge, let’s get to the music.

Romy is releasing a new single, a very powerful piece.

“We tried to keep the video as open and honest, vulnerable, as possible. It’s a heartbreaking song in which I explain why loving someone who doesn’t love themselves by having an addiction, will never produce a stable relationship. I would say that my songwriting helped me become a stronger woman/individual and helps my process. It helps me to understand things that happen around me, and the people around me whom I care for,” Romy shares. “My songwriting process helped me to work through loss of a few break-ups too.”

A very poignant and touching song, sung with great emotion by Romy. You can believe these are her real feelings. A very simple stripped down feel to the whole song. Just beautiful. And then the choir and orchestra come in and it turns into an anthem.

“Frail” tells the story of what it feels like to love someone who struggles with an addiction. The video is directed by Marisa Pena. Romy wrote and sings “Frail” in the video.


There is a whole heap of warmth in Romy’s voice here, but still the passion and the angst. So much feeling from this beautiful song which has just the perfect companion with her piano playing. “Enough with the emotional mess”, just beautiful.
Waiting for you


I really think I have found my new muse. Romy is so expressive with her songwriting, and so warm and passionate in her vocals. And the spare backing of just a piano is perfect. Folks I think we have found the next piano playing songbird of our times, Romy step up and take you bow.
Butterflies Fly

Written and composed by: Romy (
Recorded by: George Graham at WVIA Public Radio
Post Production by: Brian Abbott
Filmed by: Rebecca Oppenheimer


If you are going to perform a cover, pick a song that is so loved by many people for the original, and do it right. And this cover of Stevie Nicks classic song is perfect. From the ultra perfect jazzy touch of the backing to Romy’s warm smooth encompassing vocals. Wow! just wow!


Another recent single, no video but the sound is why we’re here.
And this is a powerful song letting someone know how she feels, again a powerful track. Some nice multi tracking going on here. Love it.


I’ll leave you today with a glimpse into her album released a while back.
Some beautiful music to ease you through the remains of this Sunday. This is one totally awesome album, I’ve been listening as I type this and I’m getting more and more impressed. Just amazing, why did this album not take her to the top of the heights.