Saturday, time for another great singer / songwriter from the Nordic countries, known in Finnish as Pohjoismaat.

Katéa hails from Helsinki, Finland. She is the young lady behind the hit-singles “That Ain’t Love” and “Louder” and in my opinion she is about to break out on a global scale.

Think of Adele with a touch of Marina and the Diamonds and then add Florence and you are getting close to the beauty of Katéa’s voice.

Katéa has released her debut EP “Louder” and it contains five masterfully crafted diamond tracks for you to enjoy during warm summer evenings. It has to be one of the best EP’s I’ve heard in a long long time.

So, now we know all that it’s music time.

Here’s a beautiful song for a bright Saturday afternoon.
This will bring your spirits up, such wonderful vocals with an amazing backing. Full orchestra and amazing choir. Just loving it.
A sweeping powerful song.
That Ain’t Love

Director, DoP, Nadi Hammouda
Edit, Juha “Hanhi” Hanhinen
Make up and style Oona Heleena
Models, Simona @ Fondi Models, Meido @ OH Models
Clothes: Miia Magia Design, Anne-Mari Pahkala, Fiona Timantti, Outi Pyy, Musta Höyhen boutique, Kirsi Nisonen, Alessia Cassara, Emilia Nyberg, Roosa Emilia Ronkainen, Supertrash, Fendi.
Special thanks: City of Helsinki and Theatre of Kouvola and Esa Kurri/ Theatre of Kouvola

Katéa management: Sami Peura /Sam Agency Oy Ltd


Starting out like you were in church that soon changes to another type of anthem. Yes baby, we can get high and get loud. Katéa has such a beautiful warm voice, with just the right amount of grit in it. This is going to become a favorite.


Well we teased you with a couple of tracks, so now have a listen to the EP and then I know you are gonna have to buy it in whatever format is your favorite. This is just too good not to be in your music collection.
Louder EP