Scott Taylor

Blues on a Sunday evening, the sun is still bright, won’t be next week with that dang fall back. But just time to kick back and enjoy some blues.

DC-based soul man Scott Taylor is the genuine article. He has spent his life entrenched in music, playing late night blues clubs and getting up to sing gospel at church in the morning. Just one listen, and you know he feels the blues.

A new blues player doesn’t emerge every day, and I’m so happy to find Scott Taylor today. An ever-loving true blues man. I’m sorry I’m just blown away, I didn’t dream another blues singer of this caliber would come along in my lifetime.

Scott has found a home at Fetal Records out of Annapolis where he is putting the finishing touches on his first album for the label, a collection of songs he describes as “unfiltered and straight from the gut”. The blues-man has been laboriously tracking his new material, collaborating with blues guitar virtuoso Tony Fazio with Charlie Sayles playing harmonica on several tracks, while still finding time to play piano at Church on Sundays.

Here’s the first single from the album and this is the real blues, straight from the south. It’s just so damned good.


While looking around for some more of his music I found this cool video.
The video won First Place @ 2016 Long Beach Indie International Film, Video, and Music Festival. Scott in fine form and get a load of that bass line.
As The Tide Goes By

Directed By: Sophia Dagher
Director of Photography: Jason Mannings
Starring: Connor Wylie, Tricia Collins

Music by Braver Noise
Vocals Scott Taylor
Guitar and Bass Tony Fazio
Drums Dean Dalfonso


Good news, bad news? Here’s the bad news, I couldn’t find any more music to post here, but the good news I’m listening to the album on a private stream and it’s awesome.
You just have a hang for a bit, Scott’s forthcoming album, Blues Kitchen, is out 11-18-16. So keep an eye out, if you like the blues you are sure gonna dig this.

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