Agnes Obel

I can’t believe it’s been six years since Agnes Obel graced the pages of Bearly Rambling. Totally my bad, time to fix it and also get a fix of Agnes Obel.
I have to thank my friend Agnieszka for dangling this first video.

If you remember Agnes Obel is the beautiful Danish young lady from Copenhagen.
Currently she is based in Berlin, but touring all over the world. If you get a chance try to catch a show. In the meantime she has a new album out, “Citizen of Glass”, grab it, it’s a winner.

Agnes explains the inspiration for the title Citizen of Glass…

“The title comes from the German concept of the gläserner bürger, the human or glass citizen… There’s an increasing sense in this world that you have to make yourself a bit of glass. To be willing to open up, use yourself as material, and not just if you’re an artist or a musician. I worked with the title from the very beginning to push myself to do new things. As an album, it feels bigger to me, a lot bigger.”

And she has succeeded it is a much bigger album, the sounds are amazing. So lets listen to some tracks from the album.

Oh those clear as a bell vocals, this is a beautiful song. You know I cannot resist a cello, and Kristina and Charlotte excel. I’m guessing she is mixing herself in the background vocals, but the male voice is magnificent. Simply brilliant.

Music: Written, recorded, produced and mixed by Agnes Obel
Director: Alex Bruel Flagstad
Cinematography: Alex Bruel Flagstad
Lighting Design: Julian Hayr
Editing: Alex Bruel Flagstad and Julian Hayr
Cello: Kristina Koropecki, Charlotte Danhier
Timbra and shakers: Daniel Matz
Violin: John Corban
Copyright: Play It Again Sam, 2016


Also from the “Citizen of Glass” album, another beautiful track. Agnes’ music has progressed somewhat from those early days with beautiful orchestrations and amazing backing vocals. But at the front as always is Agnes Obel, and her voice is simply amazing. No video here, but the song is to die for.
Stretch your Eyes

? Alex Brüel Flagstad

I’m going to have to put the album back on the player, there are so many great track. Yet another from the “Citizen of Glass” album, accompanied by a cute video. I just love the multi-tracking sound. Agnes you have a winner here.
Golden Green

Conceived and Created by Jonas Bjerre


As I so often do if it is possible, we close with the live version of the first featured track. And it is just as amazing as is the album track.
I think this may be from a French TV show. It was recorded just six days ago.
En Live sur la scène de #CàVous, pour vous, tout de suite !