Kiri Eriwata


Kiri Eriwata hails from Auckland, New Zealand. Kiri is a very talented singer / songwriter in the pop, folk, rock, urban Māori and soul genres.
She has been performing for a few years now in the New Zealand scene, but I’m guessing she is about due to break onto the world-wide scene.

In the past she has recorded and performed live with NZ and international artists including Bobby McFerrin (US), Leo Sayer (UK), Bonnie Tyler (UK), Hollie Smith (NZ), Che Fu (NZ), Jamie Cullum (UK) and Sarah Blasko (Aus).
Quite a line up.

Kiri Eriwata has just released her new album ‘Muse and Memorabilia’ (it dropped today) but she said that she has no plans to tour with the album in a traditional sense, preferring the idea of playing gigs on the beach, flash-mob style. I like the sound of gigs on the beach. And of course they are heading into summer down under.

OK, so let’s get to the music.

This is a video release of one of the tracks from her brilliant album. It’s a real rockin’ piece which rolls along at a tremendous pace. It just works. Too cool. It is interesting to compare this version that was released a couple of years ago as a single and the version on the new album.
Baby Come Round

Artist: Kiri Eriwata
Actress: Tarnya Mills
Director / DOP / Steadicam: Gabor Kukucska
Make up: Glenys John
Assistant: Attila Toth

? Laura Tait Photography!

Here’s another track, also released as a single a few years back.
It really rocks on but with a slight jazzy feel to it, and oh that smoky voice again. And I love that last line, who wouldn’t want to be her bad boy.
Get Back home

Written by Kiri Eriwata, Neil Baldock and Christine White.


So we’ve been talking about this new album for a bit now, let’s get to the meat of it. You are going to enjoy this.
Wow, this first track just rocks along. And the next, and the next, and so on. The whole album is filled with awesomeness, each song being better than the previous. One of my standout tracks is the shimmering blues feel of “Goodbye Chicago”, great voice and awesome guitar. Kiri has surrounded herself with an amazing band. And of course her voice with all its smoky sultry essence. All in all an amazing album, with the right promotion this could be a world-wide best seller. I urge you, do yourself a favor and give it a listen and even a download.
Muse and Memorabilia

Produced, recorded and mixed by Neil Baldock at Roundhead Studios and Revolver Studios, Mastered by Kog Studios
All songs written by Kiri Eriwata except Mohicans (music by Neil Baldock, lyrics and melody Kiri Eriwata) and Get Back Home written by Neil Baldock, Kiri Eriwata and Christine White.