Alpines is Catherine Pockson and Bob Matthews, they hail from Kingston Upon Thames, near London. Have a feeling of Deja Vu? That is the same line I opened with on the old blog.
Alpines are the awesome purveyors of trip hop, electro-pop, rock, dark art pop, and soul.
Me I just call it great music.

The London duo return with one of the most crafty and emotive R&B records you’ll hear this year, out October 28 via Metropolis Recordings.

Teased earlier this year with the slick intimacy of Completely, Alpines’ sophomore LP Another River pares down the sound of their 2014 debut Oasis. This new effort is not so much the sound of a duo finding their feet, as it is an utterly standout performance from a couple of intrepid sonic experimenters subtly refining their craft.

Their futurist brand of production renders Catherine Pockson’s R&B melodies into dazzling soundscapes, each thrumming with a life of its own.

And that’s where we are going, to the music.

Here is their latest video release, the track is from their forthcoming album ‘Another River’ due to drop next month. If this track is anything to judge by this is gonna be an awesome album. Catherine’s voice soars to the heights, shades of Annie Lennox. Just awesome.

‘Heaven’ the official music video, directed by Hugo Jenkins
© Alpines Music, under exclusive license to Metropolis Recordings


So check out this recently released track, another from the forthcoming album. Awesome song, amazing vocals and tremendous hair. Beautiful dark resonating sound.


I am still amazed that they are not bigger than they are. Take this track for instance, released in 2014. It is just the perfect trip-hop tracks, music to make you happy, despite the darkness of the delicious vocals and the backing.

? Joseph Gibson

We’re gonna finish with this great track, glorious beats and wonderful vocals. I defy you to keep your feet still to this gorgeous song,
No Other Lover

Directed by Jason Baker