Signe Eide

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We’re back on the trail of amazing talent from Scandinavia, and there is plenty of it. Case in point.
Signe Eide is an amazing talent from Oslo, Norway.
She is not yet 20 and you will be blown away with her songwriting skills, not to mention her beautiful vocals.
Signe Eide is backed by her equally talented band:
Alice Lewin, kor (chorus)
Elise Sauge, cello
Mathilde Degland, trommer (drums)
Torkel Skaug, bass

To appreciate what a go getter this young lady is you have to hear this story.
Back in 2013 when she was only sixteen, she had a problem. She wanted to see Lissie in concert at the Sentrum in Oslo. The problem is they have a strict age limit, you must be 18 to see a concert there. So she came up with an amazing solution, I’ll let her tell it.

“I decided to ask her directly on Facebook if I could play for her, so I could be let in at the concert” said 16-year-old.
This is the message she sent to Lissie:
“This is perhaps a little Cuckoo-ish, but let it go: Lissie, you have a show in Oslo November 9. The venue has 18 year age limit … Since I’m a 16 year old Oslo-girl underwriting, singin ‘and playing my own songs – this is the best solution: A small support gig for you – then the Sentrum Scene will look me in. I have already Played that many minor venues in Oslo, but my big dream has always been to play for you … I sing for you, you sing for me …? Deal? ” ~ She wrote to world star on Facebook.
To her surprise, she got a positive response.
She sent me an email that said “Your voice is beautiful. Would you like to open in Oslo? “
I was quite shocked! Consider that Lissie sent me an email!

So she played that concert, and hasn’t looked back.

First up we are gonna check out the new release from Signe Eide.
From the slapping of the bass to the awesome voice this is one hell of a record. Beautiful beyond belief. Pure dark popnoir.
Heaven (is no paradise for those who wish to die)

w/ Alice Lewin & Mathilde Degland + Martin Bowitz & Jørgen Smådal Larsen at Malabar Studio, Oslo 2016
All photo by MoonaPhotography (Mona Ulriche Schanche)
(c) 2016 Signe Eide / Schnux records

? Johannes Andersen

This is pure Nordic Pop Noir, this track is on their EP released earlier this year. It is beautiful in its despair.
I am Fever

NORDIC POP NOIR: Om sykdom sett fra sykdommens eget ståsted.
Med Martin Bowitz, Jørgen Smådal Larsen, Elise Sauge og Alice Lewin. På liveklipp også Mathilde Degland og Torkel Skaug. Studio lyd EDIT from 5 trx EP “I am Fever” (SNXEP201)
(c) 2016 Signe Eide / Schnux records

? Johannes Andersen

Here’s another from that same EP, performed live with Elise Sauge, Alice Lewin, Mathilde Degland & Torkel Skaug @ SubScene Oslo, Norway.

(c) 2015

? Johannes Andersen

Obviously a lot of thought and planning has gone into this great EP. Case in point here is another track from it, performed live back in July 2014 @ Slottsfjell Festival, Støperiet
With the sjchmått magical Alice Lewin (vocals & keyboard)!
In Blue

(c) 2014


Finally today I leave you with the amazing EP, which I know you are just gonna get your own copy.
I Am Fever