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CAPPA aka Carla Cappa is a twenty something indie-pop singer/songwriter  from Nashville, Tennessee, via Philly. She released her first album back in 2009, “You Never Got Me”.
When you get around the electronics she has a beautiful voice, which peeks out frequently and blows you away with its amazing purity.

She is releasing her new EP, “Queen of Hearts” on September 16th. And it’s a beaut.

Did I mention she is ultra cute?

Enough of the verbiage, time for the music.

This is the latest single from CAPPA, a great pop tune, pink and girly video, but a great tune.
As a guy I’m not supposed to like girly pink videos. but ……….  I’m good.
I’m Good


This is a pretty cool remix of one of CAPPA‘s songs.
You can check out her original version in the EP below.
This Is Love (DSK CHK Remix)


This is a really cool song, great beats, CAPPA in great voice and a groovy kind of video. I’m really surprised this was not a bigger hit.
Killin’ It

Video shot by Sara Kiesling


OK, so I was never really a Spice Girls fan, I guess I sorta missed that whole bit since they were never really big in America. Or I was not listening to that style of radio station in the nineties. But one could hardly miss out on their hit Wannabe. Now this version by CAPPA I really dig. Brilliant.
wannabe (feat. Jon Santana)


We’ll finish up with a beautiful EP you can just chill to.

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