Jen Gloeckner

Jen Gloeckner 1
It’s been a while so I figured it was time to see what Jen Gloeckner was up to. Seems she’s been making some pretty cool music since we last visited.

There’s no video’s here today, just some awesome music courtesy Jen Gloeckner.

The new single is a little bit out of character for Jen, maybe a new direction. Much lighter and airier than her regular stuff.
It’s a kind of an ambient shoegaze track.

Check out this beautiful new single from Jen
Counting Sheep

Jen Gloeckner 2

I still love this awesome cover from Jen of a Pink Floyd classic. The original as featured on the old blog seems to have disappeared so I just had to put his one up.
Julia Dream

Jen Gloeckner 3

Gonna leave you with this awesome three track EP. This is really hard rockin’, industrial strength. Lovin’ the sounds of Jen Gloeckner. Totally cool.
Mouth of Mars

Jen Gloeckner 4

See more Jen music on the old blog, include a bunch of live performances. Ignore the stupid “Content Warning”.