The Living Gods Of Haiti

Today, Paris-based conceptual artist and poet, The Living Gods Of Haiti (Rebekah Dobbins) release their new record Bone Dry. The album aims to address themes of explosive lust, primal desire, exposure, tenderness, and awakening. Rebekah notes, “‘Bone Dry’ is an organic journey through the divine nature of the mind, in search of an elevated consciousness; beauty between darkness and light”

Originally conceived as a spoken word project by singer, poet and visual artist Rebekah Dobbins, the word became flesh when Rebekah, then working in Los Angeles, reached out to former collaborator, Parisian producer Marc Collins (Nouvelle Vague, Yasmine Hamdan).

I’m so glad they went for the musical side of it, this is truly an amazing album and Rebekah has such an amazing voice. I’m sure her spoken word voice would be wonderful, but she has such a beautiful singing voice it would be a crime to stifle it.

OK, got the intro done. Let’s get to the amazing music.

I love this first one, it’s from her previous album “Run Back To Never” (another gem).
Brilliant video, striking tribal percussion, beautiful vocals what more can you ask for from a music video. Oh and also a new way to mine pearls.
The Hunt, The Harvest, The Sea

? Dan Wilton

Move over Busby Berkeley. Oh boy do I love the music The Living Gods Of Haiti makes. This is the title track from their current album, just awesome.
Killing Lotus

? Dan Wilton

No video, boo hoo, just the wonderful amazing sounds of The Living Gods Of Haiti. This is the new release today, mentioned in the opening. I don’t think I can really express how good their album ‘Killing Lotus’ really is. It’s phuking amazing, not to mention awesome and event gargantuan.
Bone Dry


Check out this awesome EP for yourself, you are just gonna want to buy your own copy.
Killing Lotus